Tufenkian Carpets

Tufenkian Carpets Area Rugs for Sale in Minneapolis

A World Standard for Quality

Tufenkian rugs grow from a single mission to enrich others’ lives with beauty and quality items that last a lifetime. Tufenkian is a name that is spoken with reverence in the carpet world, and Cyrus Artisan Rugs is proud to be partnered with this auspicious rug maker. When James Tufenkian founded Tufenkian Artisan Carpets in 1986, he became the first major rug entrepreneur to create an internationally recognized brand that designed and created high-end handmade rugs targeted to the fashion forward designer market. We happily offer Tufenkian area rugs for sale in Minneapolis at our showroom and online.

Traditional and Contemporary Beauty

Our gallery of Tufenkian Carpets rugs for sale in Minneapolis includes the warm and vibrant Vishnu Magma, Clodagh’s multicolored and spectacular Spectrum Calypso, and the hemp high-low, Shanghai. As a designer, James has an eye for blending the traditional with the modern, and he always remains relevant in the world of interior design by not confining himself to one genre. Whether it is the beauty in the craftsmanship of his traditional rugs, or the bold graphics and color palettes of his contemporary pieces, our Tufenkian rugs for sale in Minneapolis demonstrate an unparalleled dedication to top-quality design and aesthetic beauty.