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Erbil Tezcan Rugs: Timeless Designs that Inspire the Imagination

An Erbil Tezan rug has a place in every home. Tezcan, an award-winning designer and owner of Wool & Silk Rugs, brings art and history to your floors with time-honored motifs, premium materials, and an artist’s touch.

Where a rug comes from is perhaps its most important characteristic. Much of the inspiration behind Erbil Tezcan’s rugs come from his homeland, Turkey, where the rug-making tradition dates back millennia. His most prized works feature Afghan motifs, 23 of which are hung at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. He has also created equally impressive collections inspired by multicolored rug traditions from places on the Silk Road. All his rugs are handwoven by master weavers in Afghanistan, at the heart of the Silk Road.

When designing his contemporary renditions of these rug weaving traditions, Tezcan looks to ancient architecture, nature, and art. He would take a photograph of a Byzantine wall, a scenery, or even a painting, and express his own interpretation in the form of an awe-inspiring rug. He uses luxury materials, intricate weaving techniques, and bold color palettes. Although Tezcan puts his own touch to his collections, he makes sure to respect the tradition it falls into and the craft of the weavers. The results are unique pieces that can bring class and refinement to any space.