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Embellish Your Interior with Samad Area Rugs & Carpets

Samad rugs are set apart by their unparalleled class and grandeur. Samad redefines traditional rug design to fit seamlessly with any interior. Designers from Nepal, India, and Turkey work together to create each oriental rug with extreme attention to detail. These handmade designer pieces are made from high-end wool and bamboo silk.

Samad carries a tradition of authentic oriental rugs that collectors will surely love. These area rugs feature soil and stain-resistance qualities thanks to their high-quality organic silk and wool. Durable yet comfortable, Samad designer rugs are soft to the touch, making them a perfect luxury home decoration. The premium bamboo silk gives the rug a textured, silky appeal. Find a Samad area rug for your home or office at Cyrus Rugs today.

Show-off Timeless Decorations with Samad Area Rugs & Carpets

Samad area rugs are considered the world’s finest decorative rug. Crafted entirely by hand, they are made from the finest blend of hand-spun wool and silk. Browse our collection at Cyrus Rugs to witness the difference yourself—here you’ll find rugs unlike any other.

Our Samad rugs are available in various colors, designs, and patterns. The dramatic blend of colors set these traditional rugs apart from others. Samad artisans create striking designs with eye-catching hues, ranging from dark blues to subtle grays. Our extensive collection caters to the most eccentric tastes.

Aside from our traditional rugs, we also offer Samad transitional rugs. These handwoven pieces offer a mix of traditional and contemporary design, giving your space a timeless charm. Whether your interior is vast or small, our Samad rugs will make a fantastic addition to your room.

Our Samad rugs are available in different sizes, and we customize our rugs to fit your space. Browse our collection to find your ideal Samad area rug for your interior today.