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Embellish Your Interior with Samad Area Rugs & Carpets

Samad rugs are set apart by their unparalleled class and grandeur. Samad redefines traditional rug design to fit seamlessly with any interior. Designers from Nepal, India, and Turkey work together to create each oriental rug with extreme attention to detail. These handmade designer pieces are made from high-end wool and bamboo silk.

Samad carries a tradition of authentic oriental rugs that collectors will surely love. These area rugs feature soil and stain-resistance qualities thanks to their high-quality organic silk and wool. Durable yet comfortable, Samad designer rugs are soft to the touch, making them a perfect luxury home decoration. The premium bamboo silk gives the rug a textured, silky appeal. Find a Samad area rug for your home or office at Cyrus Rugs today.

Materials and Weaving Techniques

Samad rugs are either machine-loomed or handmade. Machine-weaving the rugs involves using a computer to process its design, patterns, size, and colors. Handweaving, on the other hand, follows centuries-old techniques in rug making. Samad carpets are handmade in India and Nepal, but some aspects of looming production take place in Turkey. The result: distinctly stunning, high-quality rugs.

The weaving process begins with the use of the finest, natural materials. Samad carpets make use of a combination of wool and bamboo silk, which results in durable construction, polished sheen, and silky softness. Due to the complex weaving techniques involved, you can expect that these rugs will last a long time.

Colors and Patterns

Samad rugs can feature a traditional motif, modern theme, or transitional feel depending on its design. They can also be tailored to fit your individual needs and specifications.

If you take a closer look at the colors and patterns used in Samad rugs, you will see that they utilize toned down colors or monochromatic hues. It creates a “washed out” effect, letting you easily place them in any room without stealing much of the spotlight. At times, you may notice clouds or geometric patterns on their surfaces, as well. They are like abstract works of art.