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Embellish Your Interior with Samad Area Rugs & Carpets

Samad rugs are set apart by their unparalleled class and grandeur. Samad redefines traditional rug design to fit seamlessly with any interior. Designers from Nepal, India, and Turkey work together to create each oriental rug with extreme attention to detail. These handmade designer pieces are made from high-end wool and bamboo silk.

Samad carries a tradition of authentic oriental rugs that collectors will surely love. These area rugs feature soil and stain-resistance qualities thanks to their high-quality organic silk and wool. Durable yet comfortable, Samad designer rugs are soft to the touch, making them a perfect luxury home decoration. The premium bamboo silk gives the rug a textured, silky appeal. Find a Samad area rug for your home or office at Cyrus Rugs today.

Materials and Weaving Techniques

Samad rugs are either machine-loomed or handmade. Machine-weaving the rugs involves using a computer to process its design, patterns, size, and colors. Handweaving, on the other hand, follows centuries-old techniques in rug making. Samad carpets are handmade in India and Nepal, but some aspects of looming production take place in Turkey. The result: distinctly stunning, high-quality rugs.

The weaving process begins with the use of the finest, natural materials. Samad carpets make use of a combination of wool and bamboo silk, which results in durable construction, polished sheen, and silky softness. Due to the complex weaving techniques involved, you can expect that these rugs will last a long time.

Colors and Patterns

Samad rugs can feature a traditional motif, modern theme, or transitional feel depending on its design. They can also be tailored to fit your individual needs and specifications.

If you take a closer look at the colors and patterns used in Samad rugs, you will see that they utilize toned down colors or monochromatic hues. It creates a “washed out” effect, letting you easily place them in any room without stealing much of the spotlight. At times, you may notice clouds or geometric patterns on their surfaces, as well. They are like abstract works of art.

Caring for and Cleaning Your Samad Rugs

Learn how to take care of Samad rugs by following these tips:

  • Maintain the quality and prolong the life of your Samad carpet with routine vacuuming. A thorough cleaning at least once a week prevents dirt and other particles from seeping deep into its material.
  • Add a cushion to your rug by placing a rubber pad underneath. A pad will keep your rug in place and prevent trips or other accidents.
  • In case of spills, make sure you blot the stain immediately with a cloth. Clean it with mild soap and water, and use a dryer to speed up its drying. You may also call in a professional to do the cleaning for you.

Room-to-Room Decorating Tips

Samad rugs can be placed in any area in your house. Adorn them in your living spaces with these room-to-room decorating tips:

  • Living room - It is suggested that both front legs of your furniture are placed on top of the rug. You can also use rugs to create different sections in your living room if you have many decorative ornaments.
  • Bedroom - Rugs have a soft and cushiony surface that would feel great on your feet, especially when you step on them when you get out of bed in the morning.
  • Dining room - Bring elegant and lavish designs into your dining area with Samad oriental rugs. It is a great ornament that can help set the mood for a fancy dinner or family gathering.

Frequently Asked Questions about Samad Rugs

Should a rug pad be the same size as my Samad rug?

It is advisable that your rug pads are a bit smaller than your Samad rug. After all, you wouldn’t want to see the edges of your rug pad peeking out from underneath your Samad carpet. So make sure you place a rug pad that is at least one inch smaller in length on all sides of the rug placed above it.

Should I buy a machine-loomed Samad rug?

Machine-made Samad rugs are more durable against wear-and-tear and can last for up to 20 years. They require less manual labor and take a quicker time to finish than handmade ones. Because of this, they are priced at a much lower value making them ideal if you plan to buy a lot of rugs but have a tight budget.

How do I store my Samad rug?

Store your rug by wrapping it in a protective fabric or brown craft paper. However, make sure you give it ample room to breathe by keeping it in a well-ventilated place. Keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent any discoloration on its surfaces. You may also roll your rug around poles to also fully retain their durability or lay them flat on top of each other.

Show-off Timeless Decorations with Samad Area Rugs & Carpets

Samad area rugs are considered the world’s finest decorative rug. Crafted entirely by hand, they are made from the finest blend of hand-spun wool and silk. Browse our collection at Cyrus Rugs to witness the difference yourself—here, you’ll find rugs unlike any other.

Our Samad rugs are available in various colors, designs, and patterns. The dramatic blend of colors sets these traditional rugs apart from others. Samad artisans create striking designs with eye-catching hues, ranging from dark blues to subtle grays. Our extensive collection caters to the most eccentric tastes.

Aside from our traditional rugs, we also offer Samad transitional rugs. These handwoven pieces offer a mix of traditional and contemporary design, giving your space a timeless charm. Whether your interior is vast or small, our Samad rugs will make a fantastic addition to your room.

Our Samad rugs are available in different sizes, and we customize our rugs to fit your space. Browse our collection to find your ideal Samad area rug for your interior today.

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