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Add the Timeless Beauty of Antique Rugs to your Home

Antique rugs are unique masterpieces strongly influenced by Persian and Oriental cultures. They are typically defined as rugs that are at least 80 years old, or those produced up to the 1940s. They possess an impeccable quality because of their durable material and outstanding weaves. Moreover, they also reflect the cultural authenticity and rich heritage of its place of origin.

In 1925, there was a transformation in rug production. Synthetic colors replaced natural vegetable dyes, and the rugs created at that time which changed their overall quality. Machines were also used in rug production, making hand-made techniques less popular. In turn, newly made rugs no longer had the distinct, irregular texture of previous rugs. Moreover, the Middle East slowly picked up Western influences, causing rugmakers to slowly lose touch with traditional crafting techniques.

In today's day and age, standard rugs no longer possess the old-world charm of these one-of-a-kind rugs. With that said, antique carpets are truly rare decorative pieces.

Materials and Weaving Techniques

Antique rugs are made from natural materials. Wool is the most common because it is rich in lanolin content, which contributes to a rug’s durability. These rugs may also include other sustainable fibers such as silk, helm, and linen for added strength and sheen.

Skilled artisans create these world-class, antique rugs through hand-knotting. These techniques have been perfected over time and passed down from generation to generation. As a result, the beauty of antique handmade rugs are present in their design and craftsmanship.