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Rugs by Size

3' x 5' Rugs

From the sides of your bed to your patio, our 3x5 rugs will make any small space stand out. Our 3x5 rug selection comes from the best brands and designers.

4' x 6' Rugs

4x6 area rugs are small yet versatile: place them in your foyer or outdoor area, or even under your car seats. Discover stunning 4x6 area rugs in our online catalog.

5' x 8' Rugs

With our handcrafted 5x8 rugs, you can define your space and get more space at the same time. Browse our 5x8 rug selection to find the perfect piece for you.

6' x 9' Rugs

Give your living room, bedroom, or dining room extra character with 6x9 rugs in eye-catching and intricate designs. Select your first (or next) 6x9 artisan rug from our catalog today.

8' x 10' Rugs

For anchoring your furniture, 8x10 artisan rugs are the best pieces you can have. Take a look at our 8x10 selection for beautiful pieces by renowned carpet brands and designers.

9' x 12' Rugs

Want to make your dining space or bedroom stylish and airy? Our 9x12 artisan rugs from the most renowned designers and brands can help you achieve this vision.

10' x 14' Rugs

Go big with spectacular 10x14 rugs that go well with large indoor spaces and furniture. Lots of great pieces from world-renowned rug artisans await you in our extensive catalog.

12' x 15' Rugs

Luxurious and cohesive—these words perfectly describe our 12x15 area rugs. Adorn your home’s large spaces with expansive antique rugs in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles.

13' x 18' Rugs

A much bigger space calls for a much bigger carpet. Cyrus Rugs carries a wide array of 13x18 artisan rugs that’ll go well with the largest rooms in your home.

2.6' x 8' Rugs

Adorn your floors with 2.6 x 8 rugs to give your space a simple yet elegant look. These pieces are perfect additions to your hallways and kitchens. Browse our collection today.

2.6' x 10' Rugs

Shop for a one-of-a-kind 2.6 x 10 area rug. Our collection includes hallway and stair runners in different patterns and designs. Browse our inventory today.

2.6' x 12' Rugs

Check out our 2.6 x 12 rugs and find the right piece for your home. We carry one-of-a-kind pieces from our Aryana and Calix collections. Contact us to inquire about pricing.

4' x 8' Rugs

Choose from our impressive selection of 4 x 8 rugs. Our beautiful, handcrafted pieces are available in different styles and materials. Browse our inventory today.

4' x 10' Rugs

Purchase a 4 x 10 area rug from Cyrus Rugs. We carry beautiful, handcrafted pieces from renowned carpet brands and designers. Get in touch to inquire about pricing.

4 RD Rugs

Make your room look more spacious with a round rug. We carry handcrafted 4 RD rugs part of our Herald collection. These pieces are made from exquisite materials for long-term durability.

6 RD Rugs

Decorate your space with a round rug. Our 6 RD rugs feature tribal, transitional, traditional, and contemporary styles. Custom rugs are also available here.

8 RD Rugs

Looking for the right round rug for your space? Cyrus Rugs offers 8 RD rugs to elevate your interior's look. Adorn your space with our one-of-a-kind pieces today.

10 RD Rugs

Breathe a new lease of life into your space with a round rug. We carry 10 RD pieces that can add warmth and texture to your space. Shop with us today.

6 SQ Rugs

Square rugs work well in square rooms and areas with squared designs. Complement your space with our 6 SQ artisan rugs.

8 SQ Rugs

Our 8 SQ rugs are versatile. Decorate your breakfast nook or dining space with these rugs or place them in square rooms. Shop for the perfect 8 SQ rug here.

10 SQ Rugs

Want to try a different rug shape? We offer 10 SQ rugs for square bedrooms, living rooms, and more. Take a look at our 10 SQ area rug collection today.

2.6' x 14' Rugs

2.6 x 14 rugs can add color and comfort to any area in your home. Create a vibrant and comfy space with these rug sizes from our artisan rug collection.

2' x 3' Rugs

Make your space pop with one of our 2x3 rugs. Our wide selection of hand-crafted pieces from different collections and designers are sure to give your space a unique and elegant vibe. Browse our inventory of 2x3 rugs today


Bathroom rugs are more than decorative pieces. Installing a rug can help you avoid accidents like slips and falls in the bathroom. Check out our rugs here.


Do you want to make your bedroom look more cozy, lively, or stylish? Browse our curated collection of luxury bedroom rugs with eye-catching colors and motifs.

Dining Room

Make your dining space more inviting with a finely crafted, exquisite floor rug. Shop for the perfect dining room rug today.

Entry Way

Breathe life into your entryway with the perfect rug. Our luxury area rug collection has entryway rugs in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors.

Living Room

Install a living room rug to create a more welcoming and comfy space. Get this rug size in the shape, color, and design you want. Browse our collection today.


Bring color to your neutral kitchen or enhance the appeal of your minimalist rug with bold and lively kitchen rugs. Find the right piece for your kitchen in our inventory.

Rugs by Color

  • Beige Rugs

    Achieve that serene or modern ambiance for your room with our versatile beige rugs. From handcrafted to designer rugs, we’re giving you a variety of choices for beige artisan rugs.
  • Black Rugs

    Looking for a simple yet functional and stylish area rug? Check out our rug selection in black, featuring hand-crafted and designer area rugs in hundreds of distinct patterns and styles.
  • Blue Rugs

    Blue is both peaceful and calming, and you can incorporate these characteristics into your room with a superb piece from our blue artisan rug collection. Get one from us today.
  • Brown Rugs

    Brown rugs can make spaces feel cozy and warm, or relaxing and rustic. Whatever ambiance you’re going for, our brown carpets can help achieve the best mood for your room.
  • Gold Rugs

    If you’re after a classy, luxurious atmosphere, our gold rugs will do the trick. Take a look at our gold rug catalog and discover the perfect piece for your space.
  • Green Rugs

    Let your space exude a cool and relaxing ambiance with hand-crafted green area rugs. Our online catalog has many artisan and designer rugs in different shades of this relaxing color.
  • Grey Rugs

    Grey may be a neutral color, but it’s also versatile when it comes to home decor. Get grey artisan and designer area rugs for your home in our online catalog.
  • Multi Color Rugs

    Feeling a little bold? Make a statement with our multi-colored artisan rugs that can provide bright splashes of color and a unique feel to your personal space or guest area.
  • Neutral Rugs

    For homeowners who love to keep it simple, our neutral-colored rugs are the way to go. Our online catalog carries a wide variety of these classic yet fashionable antique carpets.
  • Pink Rugs

    Who says pink is only for clothes? Give your space a touch of pink with these posh and vibrant rugs from some of the most illustrious rug artisans and designers.
  • Red Rugs

    Red rugs provide your living space with warmth, style, luxury, and energy. A red carpet from our collection lets you go for these characteristics and pull off a bolder look.
  • Rust Rugs

    Not a fan of single or multiple colors? Try out our rust artisan rugs with intricate designs for a more unique feel to your living room, bedroom, or other areas.
  • Violet Rugs

    Featuring the combination of blue’s relaxing power and red’s passion and energy, violet-colored area rugs can help keep your mind sound and calm, as well as evoke romance and nostalgia.

Featured Collections

Beronia Collection

The Beronia Collection breathes new life into old craft with the appearance of an antique heirloom and a splash of unexpected color. This collection's ornamental motifs are softly distressed on a low pile and given an antique finish as a contemporary interpretation of traditional patterns.

Calix Collection

Bringing art into life. Abstract prints featuring multi color palettes. Hand-knotted using a Wool and Silkette pile. Calix rugs feature the added dimension of high-low carving.

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Minnesota's Largest Showroom of Fine Artisan Rugs

From traditional motifs to contemporary sophistication, we have handcrafted artisan rugs to suit any taste.

Rug Services

Rug Rentals

The rugs from our showroom in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are exceptional works of art. We proudly offer our handmade rugs for rent to be showcased by creative professionals, including:

  • Realtors who need to stage a house that enters the market
  • Directors, producers, and prop designers who would like to use our rugs on the set of a film or stage production
  • Photographers who want to create beautiful sets for their photo shoots

Custom Rugs

Consult with our experienced staff about custom rug specifications at a rug store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which residents trust. We will customize the existing designs of our modern rugs to suit your tastes and specific aesthetics, including a bespoke color scheme or size, antique or Persian rugs.

Or, if you'd prefer, we can also create a custom rug under our own brand, whether you're looking for modern or antique rugs. Visit our showroom in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to transform your vision into a stunning reality.

Rug Cleaning Services

Not only are we the largest rug store Minneapolis, Minnesota, has to offer, but we also provide top-quality expert cleaning for your hand-knotted rugs. In order to preserve the luxurious look and feel of your bespoke rugs, they must be cleaned thoroughly and properly.

Our team will maintain the quality and colors of the fibers in your heirloom rug so you can pass it on to future generations. We are experienced in cleaning delicate antique rugs, Persian rugs, and more.

Antique Rugs

Antique rugs showcase the unique artistry and craftsmanship of bygone eras. Catch a glimpse of the past as their designs carry our ancestors' stories, cultures, and traditions. Their surfaces represent historical and artistic influences of their time and origin. Bring a sense of timelessness into your home and create a bridge between the past and the present as you honor the artistic legacy of past generations.

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