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Enhancing Your Dining Space: The Elegance of Oval Area Rugs

Oval area rugs are often placed under small tables to add a sophisticated, layered look. The accessory’s unassuming size, shape, and design accentuate the table’s layout and complement the room’s overall presentation.

Choosing an oval rug’s hues, designs, and patterns depends entirely on your unique preference. For instance, if you want the rug to enhance the furniture’s colors, choose one with the same color pattern. Additionally, it should also complement other items that are placed on the table to make them pop. Conversely, pick a more distinctive shade if you have oval Persian rugs and want the floor covering to dominate the room.

Whatever you choose, you can never go wrong with placing an oval rug under your table. Not only will it enhance the dining room itself’s aesthetic appeal, but it will also mimic the table’s silhouette. In turn, it adds depth to the area that is warm and pleasing.

As for the rug’s materials, you can settle for stain-resistant types as there’s a chance you might spill something on it. This is especially true if you place the rug under the table where you usually work and drink coffee. Read more to find out how to properly care for area rugs and remove stains when such accidents occur.

Choosing the Perfect Oval Rug

Selecting an oval rug that complements your existing furniture and decor is essential. Consider the primary shades of the room and choose a rug that accentuates them. For instance, a muted oval rug can balance the overall design if you have vibrant furniture. Alternatively, a colorful Persian rug can add color to a darker room, brightening the space.

Materials and Weaving: Quality and Durability for Oval Rugs

Oval area rugs are made using different materials. They can be:

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Sisal
  • Seagrass
  • Animal skin
  • And synthetics

Wool is the most common option and is valued for its softness and durability. But they can be expensive.

Meanwhile, synthetic materials like nylon or polyester are cheaper but have drawbacks. Nylon can be durable but is easily ruined by spills, and polyester is highly stain-resistant but can unravel quickly.

As for how these rugs are manufactured, they can either be:

  • Hand-made
  • Machine-made

Hand-made rugs are more expensive than both options, given that time and care are dedicated to their creation. They can also be made based on your design preference, giving them a unique personality and sophistication. On the other hand, machine-made rugs lack this unique aspect and price since they’re manufactured using a repeated mechanical process.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Oval Rugs

Although oval rugs don’t receive heavy foot traffic outdoors, you’ll still need to care for them properly. To do this, you’ll essentially need to follow these core guidelines:

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Immediately clean spills
  • Rotate the rug to even out the foot traffic
  • Avoid placing the oval rug on sunny areas
  • Have the rug cleaned by a professional every two years. This is especially true for expensive ones like an antique oval rug.

Following these ground rules will preserve your oval rug’s colors and fabric.

Decorating Interior Spaces Using an Oval Rug

If you’re interested in buying a rug for a small room, an oval rug is an ideal choice. Specifically, this type of oval area rug works best when placed under chairs, tables, or sofas. They mimic this furniture's circular or semi-circular design, thereby adding an aesthetic depth.

Regarding its color, the oval area rug must accentuate the room's major shades. For example, if you have a room with a lively motif, you can tone down its vibrant design with a muted oval rug. Conversely, you can light the area with a colorful Persian rug if the room is dark.

Elevate Your Space with an Oval Rug - Cyrus Rugs, Minneapolis, MN

Oval area rugs are a subtle means to establish a room’s mood. A lighter shade can soften a heavily accented atmosphere, while a dark-colored rug can make shiny tables and sofas pop. Either way, it’s a great addition that will tie the room together.

Cyrus Rugs offer different oval rug styles and sizes for your needs. We have oval jute rugs, oval braided rugs, oval area rugs for your dining room, and even oval outdoor rugs.

Install a level of refinement to your kitchen and living room and emphasize extravagant furniture with a stylish oval rug. Browse our wide selection and find the best design for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should you use an oval rug?

Oval area rugs are ideal for adding depth and aesthetic appeal to a room. They work best under chairs, tables, or sofas, mimicking the circular or semi-circular design of the furniture.

What does an oval rug do in a room?

An oval rug enhances a room's overall presentation and style by accentuating the furniture layout and adding a layer of sophistication. It ties the room's elements together, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

Can I use a vinegar solution to remove oval rug stains?

Before using a vinegar solution, conducting a simple assessment is essential. Apply the solution to a small, inconspicuous rug area and observe any color fading within 24 hours. If there is no discoloration, you can proceed cautiously, although results may vary.

Do oval area rugs make a room look bigger?

When used strategically, oval area rugs can create an illusion of a larger space. The unique shape of an oval rug can elongate the room and give the impression of added length or width. Placing the long axis of the oval rug parallel to the longest wall in the room can visually expand the space, making it appear more spacious and open.

Can I put an oval rug in a rectangular room?

Absolutely. Oval rugs can be a perfect fit in a rectangular room. The contrast between the rounded edges of the oval rug and the sharp angles of a rectangular room can create a visually appealing effect. The oval shape can complement the room’s straight lines and add a touch of softness and balance to the overall design. Ensure the rug is proportionate to the room’s dimensions and centred on maintaining a pleasing aesthetic.

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