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Enhancing Your Dining Space: The Elegance of Oval Area Rugs

Oval area rugs are often placed under small tables to add a sophisticated, layered look. The accessory’s unassuming size, shape, and design accentuate the table’s layout and complement the room’s overall presentation.

Choosing an oval rug’s hues, designs, and patterns depends entirely on your unique preference. For instance, if you want the rug to enhance the furniture’s colors, choose one with the same color pattern. Additionally, it should also complement other items that are placed on the table to make them pop. Conversely, pick a more distinctive shade if you have oval Persian rugs and want the floor covering to dominate the room.

Whatever you choose, you can never go wrong with placing an oval rug under your table. Not only will it enhance the dining room itself’s aesthetic appeal, but it will also mimic the table’s silhouette. In turn, it adds depth to the area that is warm and pleasing.

As for the rug’s materials, you can settle for stain-resistant types as there’s a chance you might spill something on it. This is especially true if you place the rug under the table where you usually work and drink coffee. Read more to find out how to properly care for area rugs and remove stains when such accidents occur.