Minnesota’s Largest Showroom for Artisan Rugs

Helping you select the perfect rug is a commitment taken seriously by Cyrus Artisan Rugs. Since 1885, the company has brought to light the history, culture, and art of artisan rugs for the world to enjoy. What was once a small business in Iran worked itself across the world and is now leading a billion dollar industry in the United States.

The Minnesota Cyrus Rugs showroom started as a humble establishment in 1988. Today, it is the largest showroom for artisan and designer rugs in the Midwest. The store occupies 13,000 square feet of space in Bloomington and houses over 3,000 artisan rugs for sale. Whether you’re looking for Persian rugs or other unique rug styles of different sizes, a vast array of choices awaits. 

Our collection features an extensive assortment of handcrafted pieces from all over the world. This includes exclusive items made by internationally recognized designers, as well as our own private label designs. We also boast some of the rarest antique and semi-antique area rugs which can only be viewed and bought at our showroom. From traditional to contemporary pieces, serious collectors and budding enthusiasts, alike, are sure to find something that truly satisfies their aesthetic.

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A good shopping experience is guaranteed at the Minnesota Cyrus Rugs showroom. Large skylights fill the store with natural light, allowing you to thoroughly examine the true colors of our carpets. The expansive hardwood flooring is also at your disposal. Here, you have ample space to lay out several area rugs and see how they look side-by-side. If you’re a local client, our "Try Before You Buy" program lets you take home rugs so you know exactly what it does to your space before making the purchase.

When you visit our store, you gain access to impeccable products, as well as all our onsite services. Our in-house staff includes a team of design experts who will gladly guide you through choosing the right style for your home. We also offer a custom rug program where we’ll forward your own design to our master weavers for production. This means you can create an artisan rug that is uniquely yours right down to its size, color scheme, and patterns.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs values customer satisfaction above all else, even after closing a sale. Allow us to take care of your prized possessions from routine maintenance to full-on repairs. We offer rug cleaning services in Minnesota done only by meticulous experts. With our help, your artisan rugs can last over decades, inspiring awe for generations to come. Our staff is also equipped with the right tools and know-how to perform rug repair and restoration. Applying proper techniques to tears, rips, and stains, we can make even the most severely damaged carpets appear revitalized and good as new.

Lastly, you can bring your artisan rugs to our store for an appraisal. Not only can we evaluate how much your antique carpets are worth, we can also tell you more about their age and origins. With this information, you can update your financial records and insurance, plus gain a deeper appreciation for the marvelous pieces of fine art.


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