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10 x 14 Area Rugs & Carpets

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Define and add great style to any space using 10x14 rugs to decorate your home and fill up huge spaces. Browse Cyrus Artisan Rugs and choose from the wide array of these large-sized, artisanal rugs that are made from various materials and weaving techniques and created by different artisans from all over the world.

Anchor Your Space with Handcrafted 10x14 Area Rugs

A 10x14 rug can fit in big spaces such as living rooms, dining areas, bedroom, and game rooms. These rugs also have enough coverage to fit large pieces of furniture on top of it. 10x14 rugs are perfect for making homes with big rooms, solid flooring, and high ceilings less overwhelming and more comfortable. These rugs are also best for homes with an open design since they help in noise and echo reduction. These 10x14 rugs can be both statement and functional pieces of any space.

A 10x14 area rug can be the perfect complement for your 10-chair dining table. For large living rooms, you may want to place all of your furniture on a 10x14 rug to give the room unity and splendor. These rugs are perfect to give any spacious room that extra detail of sophistication and unite the elements in that space.

Gold rugs blend well with a variety of colors and can add sophistication to your home. Mixing it with white and cream tones can exude a traditional ambiance. On the other hand, a gold rug with grey and black accents can bring a more modern feel to specific areas in your space.

Choose the Perfect Handmade 10x14 Rug for Your Room

Cyrus Artisan Rugs carries a vast selection of 10x14 area rugs from both its in-house brand and from Jaipur Living. They come in a variety of colors and designs, which can add style and artistic flair to your home. These rugs are also works of art, being able to last for generations to come and become family heirlooms as time goes by.

Our 10x14 rugs showcase both durability and artistry through the hand-knotted and Soumak weave techniques used to create these rugs. Our rugs also originate from Afghanistan, India, Iran, and Turkey, ensuring their authenticity and quality. Browse Cyrus Artisan Rugs now and find the perfect 10x14 area rug for your living space.