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Before the dawn of industrialization, there was a time when rug-making was a sought-after art form. Regardless of how your home looks like, one of the most important elements of a room is the rug you place on the floor. Handmade rugs have always had a unique charm that makes them a bold addition to any room. Lapchi area rugs, in particular, can add warmth and soul to a modern home.

Beautify Your Home Tibetan Craftsmanship

Lapchi comes from the Tibetan word meaning “abode of creative energy.” These Tibetan rugs are known for their quality, beauty, and longevity because they are made of the finest materials such as Tibetan wool, and fine silk. The rugs are then hand-knotted and colored using the small pot dyeing technique, giving them vibrant colors and intricate details. What sets Lapchi rugs apart from other rugs is their different patterns. They are more soulful than conventional or commercial rugs. You will often see floral patterns (as seen on rugs like the Lapchi Broadleaf Rugs) or abstract non-symmetrical patterns (as seen on rugs like the Lapchi Playa Rugs). The colors, on the other hand, are mostly neutral and won’t draw too much attention for itself aside from the occasional red accents.

Find Excellent Lapchi Area Rugs at Cyrus Rugs

Choosing the right area rug is crucial if you want a room with a unified or unique aesthetic. Having a rug or carpet that doesn’t go with the rest of your space can make it look bland and unrefined. CyrusRugs has a wide selection of exquisite area rugs for sale. Browse our online store or visit one of our showrooms in-person to find the best area rug for your home. Lapchi area rugs are perfect for modern homes as they add a warm touch to the whole look of the room. Find the best Lapchi area rugs and other carpets for sale when you shop with Cyrus Rugs.