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Kalaty Rugs: Handwoven Pieces with a Modern Charm

Kalaty rugs boast unparalleled quality and style. These area rugs divert from traditional designs and provide a modern and architectural vibe to every home. The brand’s handcrafted rugs are made from the finest wool and bamboo silk. Using these two materials demonstrates Kalaty’s respect for the past and commitment to the present.

Kalaty has been providing collectors with high-quality designer rugs since 1990. Each rug is made by skilled artisans who exhibit extreme precision and passion for handweaving. Since they’re handmade, they offer a unique and intimate charm that sets them apart from machine-knotted rugs. Shop at Cyrus Artisan Rugs to find the perfect handwoven piece for your home.

Materials & Weaving Techniques

Kalaty uses pure wool for its rugs to ensure superior quality. Its luxury Silkette™ collection uses silk-like viscose yarns, while others are handwoven through a combination of premium wool and Silkette. The brand uses only natural and sustainable materials to provide customers with a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment.

Skilled handcrafters from India use the Lori-loom weaving technique to create Kalaty rugs. Lori-loom weaves ensure the proper fusion of wool and bamboo silk. Using traditional wool enhances a carpet’s resistance to soil, while the bamboo silk strengthens the rug’s hypoallergenic properties. Since wool and silk are both superior quality materials, they ensure the long-term durability of Kalaty area rugs.

Colors & Patterns of Kalaty Rugs

Kalaty combines bold yet pastel colors to create handcrafted pieces with a distinct tribal and Southwestern charm. Its designs can be best described as a fusion between rustic and modern to portray “Tradition for Today.” Its color palette consists mainly of orange, yellow, and brown which contrast nicely with bold red and dark blue.

The patterns and motifs of Kalaty area rugs display a melange of Nomadic, Sultan, Mahal, and other tribal influences. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between floral or geometric designs, or those with central medallion and repeating patterns.

Caring For & Cleaning Your Kalaty Rugs

The best way to take care of your Kalaty rug is by vacuuming it often using a low-level section. However, take extra care not to vacuum rug fringes, as this should only be cleaned using a brush.

Prevent moths from inhabiting your wool carpet by vacuuming both sides of the rug. Should you spill liquid on your carpet, blot it immediately using white paper towels or clean terry towels. Avoid rubbing the fabric, as this pushes the liquid deeper into the rug fiber and causes deeper stains to form.

Decorating Your Home with Kalaty Area Rugs

The rug you choose will depend on the overall mood you’re trying to achieve. If you plan to give your room a classic, elegant appeal, a traditional Kalaty area rug with rich, earthy tones can tie all the elements in your room together.

For a fusion between traditional and modern elements, consider adorning your space with a transitional rug. Its straight lines and light tones embody elegance. Finally, bring out accents and textures in your interior design by decorating your room with a contemporary Kalaty rug. Featuring designs with bold colors and rounded lines, it will surely add a new dimension to your space.