8 Square Area Rugs

Our 8 SQ rugs are versatile. Decorate your breakfast nook or dining space with these rugs or place them in square rooms. Shop for the perfect 8 SQ rug here.

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Elevate Your Living Space with 8’ Square Rugs

8x8 square rugs are excellent for cementing your room’s aesthetic and infusing it with personality and style. They’re just as important to interior design as any piece of furniture, decor, or art. When they work together with all the other elements in your room, you can achieve cohesiveness and an aesthetically pleasing look.

Our 8’ square area rugs are considered medium-sized, making them versatile pieces of decor you can place virtually anywhere, from your bedroom and entryway to your living room and dining room. They are also just the right size for smaller areas.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers an extensive collection of bespoke rugs in various styles, colors, and designs. Browse our collection today and discover the perfect piece to complement your aesthetic.

What Patterns, Colors and Designs are Available for 8’ Square Area Rugs

The designs and colors of our 8’ square rugs depend on their style. For instance, our traditional rugs showcase borders and floral elements on their surfaces, while contemporary rugs feature abstract patterns using neutral hues, such as graphite and beige. We also offer tribal Southwest carpets with eccentric motifs executed using geometric shapes.

Choosing the Right 8’ Square Rug for You

There are many ways to determine the right 8 ft. square rug for your home or office space. First, it helps to know where you plan to place it. Doing so lets you know how much foot traffic it will receive and what material it should be made of. For instance, handmade wool rugs are best placed in high-traffic areas as they are often more durable and can withstand constant wear. Meanwhile, carpets for less-frequented areas should be created with long silk fibers.

Colors and patterns are among the most important factors to consider when choosing a rug, as they set the overall mood of your living space. Make the most of our extensive inventory and purchase an 8’ square rug design that balances your chosen theme or aesthetic.

Caring For and Cleaning 8’ Square Area Rugs

Your designer rugs will last a long time with proper care and maintenance. An effective way to prolong their lifespan is with regular rotating and vacuuming. Doing so every six to 12 months evens the wear and tear across their surfaces. You should also avoid placing the rug under direct sunlight, which can cause fading and discoloration.

In case of spills and stains, immediately blot the rug’s surface with paper towels or a clean cloth. Gently pat the wet area to avoid causing more damage. You can likewise hire a professional to help maintain their quality and texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your service center?

Our service center and showroom are located in Bloomington, 13 miles from downtown Minneapolis. We are the largest online retailer of handmade designer rugs and Oriental carpets, featuring exclusive collections of traditional, tribal, transitional, and contemporary rugs from internationally recognized brands and designers.

We have 13,500 sq. ft. of gallery space and over 3,000 bespoke rugs available. Browse our inventory for handmade rugs, pieces from our own private label, and unique antique rugs you can’t find anywhere else.

What onsite services do you offer?

Cyrus Artisan Rugs is your one-stop premium retail shop for all your luxury rug needs. Make the most of our various onsite services, such as getting professional advice from our sales team and bringing your personalized design to life with our custom rug program.

We also have cleaning, repair, and restoration services to prolong your designer rug’s lifespan. Moreover, we offer rug appraisals to determine your rug’s worth, including your carpet's origin and age.

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