Contemporary and Modern Area Rugs

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Contemporary and Modern Area Rugs

Searching for the perfect contemporary and modern area rugs to elevate the style and ambiance of your living spaces? Look no further! Our extensive collection seamlessly integrates with your furniture ensemble, offering stunning art pieces that add sophistication and character to every room in your home.

Complement Modern Interiors with Contemporary Area Rugs

Contemporary rugs are anything but traditional and conventional. With bold, striking and unique designs, they remix traditional motifs and introduce unconventional patterns, textures, and colors. Our diverse range of contemporary area rugs ensures you'll find the perfect piece to suit your taste and fit your existing interiors.

Distinct from other rug styles, contemporary rugs resemble art pieces rather than mere furnishings. Available in various dimensions, shapes, and color palettes, they make excellent statement pieces for your entryway, living room, or outdoor area.

Add Character to Your Home with Contemporary Area Rugs

Invest in a statement piece from our wide selection of contemporary area rugs and carpets. We feature works from today’s most innovative artists and designers, including Barbara Barry, Kavi, Thomas O’Brien, and Kevin Walz. Our contemporary rugs, also includes rugs from renowned brands like Safavieh, Tibet Rug Company, and Ralph Lauren Home. Crafted from premium materials such as wool and silk, these rugs are hand-knotted or hand-loomed in renowned rug production centers in India, Nepal, Afghanistan, and China. Choose from a variety of rug dimensions of 6x9, 8x10, and 9x12 to find the perfect fit for your space.

Types of Modern Area Rugs to Elevate Your Décor

Our unique and carefully selected collection offers a wide variety of styles, materials, colors and designs to complement your furniture arrangement. Explore the following types of modern and contemporary area rugs:

  • Abstract Designs: Captivating abstract rugs featuring dynamic patterns, asymmetrical shapes, and vibrant color palettes serve as focal points, adding an artistic flair to your space.
  • Geometric Patterns: Enhance the modern appeal of your furniture ensemble with geometrically-inspired rugs boasting clean lines, repetitive shapes, and harmonious arrangements, creating visual interest and balance.
  • Minimalist Elegance: Our collection of minimalist rugs offers clean designs, subtle tones, and understated elegance. These rugs seamlessly blend with modern furniture, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.

Choosing the Perfect Modern & Contemporary Area Rug for Your Furniture

When selecting a contemporary or modern area rug design for your furniture ensemble design, consider the following factors:

  • Size and Shape: Opt for a rug size and shape that complements the scale and proportions of your furniture, creating a harmonious and balanced look.
  • Color and Pattern: Choose colors and patterns that either complement or contrast beautifully with your furniture. Bold hues create eye-catching focal points, while muted tones offer a sophisticated backdrop.
  • Material and Texture: Enhance the tactile experience by selecting the right material and texture for your rug. Whether it's sumptuous wool, luxurious silk, or durable flatweave, the choice depends on your desired level of comfort and durability.

Proper Care and Maintenance for Your Contemporary Area Rugs

To ensure the longevity and pristine condition of your contemporary or modern area rug, follow these care and maintenance guidelines:

  • Regular Vacuuming: Keep your rug clean and free from debris by regularly vacuuming it. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush or beater bar specifically designed for delicate rugs to avoid damage.
  • Spot Cleaning: Quickly attend to spills and stains by blotting them with a clean cloth or paper towel. Work from the outer edges inward to minimize spreading. Avoid vigorous rubbing, as it may harm the rug fibers.
  • Professional Cleaning: For a deep and thorough clean, consider professional rug cleaning services. Experienced cleaners have the expertise and specialized tools to revitalize your rug, ensuring its vibrant appearance and extending its lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contemporary area rug?

A contemporary area rug is a modern interpretation of traditional rug styles. With bold designs, bright and unconventional color palettes, and abstract patterns, these rugs add a touch of personality and charm, adding something to your furniture ensemble.

What are modern style rugs?

Modern style rugs encompass the elements, clean lines, geometric patterns, and bright minimalist color palettes. They create a sleek and chic look that beautifully complements modern furniture.

What rugs are in right now?

Currently, abstract designs, geometric patterns, few elements and minimalist elegance are popular choices for rugs. These styles seamlessly integrate with various furniture arrangements, staying on-trend while maintaining a timeless appeal.

Explore Our Exquisite Collection of Contemporary Area Rugs in Minneapolis, MN

Elevate your furniture ensemble with our exceptional collection of contemporary area rugs. Discover the perfect rug to add elegance and sophistication to any room in your home. Browse our curated selection of contemporary rugs today!

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