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Thinking Outside the Box with Round Rugs

Most living spaces have corners that make rectangular rugs the ideal decor. It brings the question, “how can you decorate a room that has none?” Round rugs can easily enhance your interior and bring the room together. Its distinct shape can highlight architectural curves and give living areas more personality.

Round area rugs can be ornaments for both uniquely constructed rooms and traditional chambers. Its eccentric appearance compliments various elements in your living spaces, from your various furnishings up to your walls and other knick-knacks you have around the room. One might think that round rugs would clash too much with most rooms. However, this subtle contrast is what gives your space harmony and unity.

Since rectangular rugs are the go-to rugs of most people, it’s often harder to find quality round carpets for households. Rounded rugs can make smaller areas look bigger and more open. These rugs can also create different zones or areas in your room for more depth without giving it a rugged structure. Achieve a cohesive living space when adorning your home with this prominent piece.

Materials and Weaving Techniques

Round area rugs can be hand-knotted, flat-woven, and hand-tufted. Hand-knotting involves weaving individual knots together to create the rug. Flat weaving creates a lower pile without using knots. Hand-tufting, on the other hand, makes use of a tufting device that looks like a large sewing machine. All of these weaving techniques can take months to finish.

Artisans take years honing their skills to construct these pieces using different materials. Wool fibers are durable and can last longer, while silk fibers give these rugs more sheen for that sophisticated look. These fibers can be used in tandem with each other to create classy yet durable rugs.

Colors and Patterns

Rugs can come in various shapes and colors and have different designs and patterns on them. They can be more tribal and traditional or be more modern and contemporary. Common artistic elements present on round carpets include natural motifs like plants and animals, as well as geometric patterns.

Tribal rugs use repetitive motifs such as running water, camels, fish, and crosses. Transitional rugs showcase a blending of antique and in-fashion features. Contemporary rug styles and designs draw inspiration from past and present influences. In contrast, traditional area rugs have excellent attention to detail, with designs that have been around and perfected for centuries.

Caring for and Cleaning Round Rugs

Keep these pieces in top condition by following these simple tips:

  • Rotate your rug regularly or at least once a year to even out its natural aging across all fibers. For rugs placed in high-traffic areas, rotate it at least twice a year.
  • Have your rugs vacuumed thoroughly to maintain its condition. Doing so will remove deep-seated dirt and particles that have made their way into its material. Cleaning your rugs will also get rid of any insects that may have inhabited your rug.
  • Keep your rug away from direct sunlight to prevent any discoloration that can reduce its quality and eliminate its luster.

Decorating with Round Rugs

While most people are used to decorating with rectangular rugs, adorning your space with round area rugs is just as fun and exciting. Here are some decorating tips you can do with your rounded rugs:

  • Use multiple round rugs that complement one another. The curves of the rugs can highlight the curved areas and other architectural details of your space.
  • You can pair these rugs with other circular objects for a bolder design approach. Round coffee tables, mirrors, or chandeliers can help you define your featured area more.
  • You can also overlap your rugs with one another to make your space more cohesive and inviting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Round Rugs

Where does a round area rug best fit?

Round rugs can fit areas with a distinct shape. Having curved features in both your interior and furniture can be further emphasized using rounded rugs. These rugs can also make small rooms look and feel more spacious.

How to measure a round rug?

Round rugs are sold by diameter, so knowing how to measure one is important in decorating your room. You can get a piece of tape and measure the distance from the center to the outside edge. Double it, and you have the diameter of your rug. Knowing the correct size lets you properly decorate your living spaces.

Where can I place my round rug?

There are various areas in your home that can be beautifully decorated with a round rug. Having it in the entryway can provide a warm welcome, and placing it in your breakfast nook sets an intimate mood. Round bathroom rugs also add a warm and cozy vibe. You can also experiment by layering it above another rug.

Does a square table work with a round rug?

Round rugs are visually appealing and can work with almost any kind of furniture. These rugs can support most furniture as well, giving it more grip while also adding to its overall design. Mix and match square and round rugs for a unique living space.

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