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Accessorize Your Home with Tufenkian Area Rugs & Carpets

Tufenkian rugs exude superiority and artistry. They are made from premium wool produced by Tibetan highland sheep and Armenian Balbas sheep. The fiber is sometimes combined with top-quality silk for fresh rug and carpet variations. For a completed work of art with vibrant hues, artisans use high-grade Swiss metal-complex dyes.

Skilled artisans from Nepal and Armenia hand-tie each knot of the luxury area rugs. This delicate process guarantees the durability and uniqueness of our artisan rugs. Hence, the natural fibers from Tibetan and Caucasian sheep, enhanced with exceptional handcrafting skills, ensure that each Tufenkian rug possesses distinct qualities.

The superior wool from Tibetan highland sheep and Armenian Balbas sheep offer sturdy oriental rugs. The high lanolin content from the Tibetan sheep’s wool helps Tufenkian carpets to be soil and stain-resistant. Moreover, artisans use the Armenian Balbas sheep’s wool to create world-renowned rugs. These qualities constitute our authority in producing designer pieces that are worthy of investment.

Tufenkian Area Rugs & Carpets for Every Collector

Beyond the exemplary craftsmanship lies our social commitment. Our passionate and well-compensated artisans make these area rugs. Cyrus Rugs’ devotion to social responsibility extends to the environment and various communities. With the company’s underlying principle to help communities, owning Tufenkian carpets allows you to be a collector with a heart for social responsibility.

These luxury area rugs are handled with superior care, which is manifested in our approach to bleach and scour-free rug making. Due to these qualities, the oriental rugs burst with incredible colors that will last several generations. Tufenkian rugs boast of designs inspired by nature, abstract expressionism, geometrical patterns, and simple motifs. Hence, there is always a Tufenkian rug for every collector.

Upgrade your collection with our broad selection of Tufenkian rugs. Our collection offers sizes of 3x5, 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14, and 12x16. The varying designs, sizes, and wool to silk ratios provide collectors with numerous choices to exhibit their creativity. Express your personality through these world-recognized Tufenkian rugs and carpets.