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People have been using rectangular rugs for centuries, but for various reasons. During ancient times, cave dwellers used rugs as a cover for their tent's floor, helping them sleep comfortably. Throughout the 16th century, people used rugs to cover walls and floors, especially in huge houses and stone castles. Due to this, they are regarded as valuable items, so they come at a high price.

Fortunately, with the development of modern technology, rugs are now affordable without compromising quality. Now, designers and homeowners use these items to decorate home and office spaces. They also provide a practical use by absorbing sound, especially if you have hardwood or tiled floors. As a result, those who live in flats or apartments consider rugs a necessity.

There are hundreds of designs available, making it challenging to pick the perfect item for your room or office. But, did you know that rectangular ones are suitable for rooms of any size and shape? So, if you are new to buying area rugs, it's a good idea to choose a rectangular one. That way, you only need to think about the right color and pattern. Don't worry; you'll never run out of designs to choose from!