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Red Area Rugs & Carpets

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The color red is associated with action, energy, and passion. Persian rugs on the other hand yield happiness, delight, luck, bravery, and vitality when put in a room. Put life into any space and brighten up dark, wooden floorings with a red rug from Cyrus Artisan Rugs’ wide range of handmade artisan and designer area rugs perfect for any home.

Add a Subtle Hint of Luxury to your Home with Red Area Rugs

Red rugs can make any space in your home look and feel warmer. You can highlight these rugs in particular areas that have dark-colored furniture or floors and can make dark, wood floors brighter. These would also look good when placed across an off-white or neutral-colored rug. Red rugs can establish a stylish ambiance due to its rich colors, becoming an eye-catching piece in your space. An area rug with bolder and warmer red shades can also blend well with muted colors, giving a passionate and lavish feel to a room.

Additionally, a red rug can spark interest in your guests as it is a perfect centerpiece for any space or area in your home. It can add life to an already lively space, such as using red kitchen rugs in an already busy kitchen or dining room. It adds a subdued touch of affluence, as well as a positive and exhilarating flow of energy to your home, giving it a welcome feel. Your space can have an energetic and memorable atmosphere with the help of a red runner rug of the right size and shade.

Make Your Space Lively with a Handcrafted Red Rug

Let positive energy into your home with a red Oriental rug from Cyrus Artisan Rugs. Our vast collection of handmade, colored area rugs from various parts of the world can help you find the best rug for your room or space. Red rugs can give any area or room a pop of color, from your kitchen, living room to your bedroom. We offer a variety of artisan and designer rugs from the likes of Clodagh, Kavi, and Kevin Walz to name a few.

Our inventory features different kinds various hand-loomed and hand-knotted rugs with different motifs and patterns that make them stand out in any part of your home. Browse our catalog and find the perfect rug for your home.