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Revitalize Your Home & Workspace with Cyrus Artisan Rugs

Artisan area rugs and carpets come in different sizes, styles, shapes, colors, textures, construction, and countries of origin. Area rugs are the most common and popular type of carpets because they are both functional and decorative. Cyrus Artisan area rugs are often used to anchor the furniture and complement hard surface flooring, while some are placed on bare walls to serve as an artwork. These textile artisan rugs range from traditional to contemporary and are often hand-knotted from wool and natural fibers. They provide comfort and warmth in a room by unifying its colors and adding accents, texture, and patterns that define the space.

The Cyrus Artisan Area Rugs and Carpets selection has a wide variety of area rugs such as rectangular rugs and Afghan rugs. This collection is mainly composed of hand-knotted area rugs that can last for decades and hold great value over time. No matter what type of area rug you’re looking for, Cyrus Artisan Rugs are your best pick if you want to revitalize your home and workspace.