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Did you know that in ancient times, our ancestors used large rugs to cover the floor they’re sleeping in? In some instances, these rugs doubled as protection from animals. But during the Renaissance, people considered rugs as valuable items, so they came at a high price. Nobles would decorate their walls and other parts of the house with area rugs, carpets, and runners.

But now, rugs are accessible. Thanks to technology, they have become easier to manufacture without compromising their quality. Rugs are often used to decorate homes and offices. In particular, 12x18 rugs are often used for living rooms and bedrooms. Besides upgrading a room’s appearance, these rugs also absorb sound, allowing for a more quiet interior.

Looking for the perfect rug for your home or office? Do you want to expand your rug collection? Start with a 12x18 area rug, a universal size that’ll always stay in style. Shop at Cyrus Artisan Rugs for 12x18 rugs in different designs, colors, and patterns.