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Loloi Area Rugs: Fusing Artistry with Ethical Production

Loloi Rugs was founded by Amir Loloi in 2004 in Dallas, Texas. The company soon became a household name in the rug industry for its original designs and use of different textures, colors, and patterns. Loloi Rugs is partnered with the non-profit company GoodWeave. GoodWeave ensures that Loloi Rugs’ factories in India follow strict labor protocols that eschew child and bonded labor.

Each Loloi rug goes through a meticulous production process that runs from a few weeks up to a year. This attention to detail and quality is what sets the company’s rugs apart.

Loloi Rugs has a vast collection of area rugs and carpets that can fit almost any type of room or budget. They have traditional and transitional rugs, like the hand-knotted Loloi Idris rug for rustic homes, while their contemporary rugs are perfect for more modern spaces.

One of the most popular Loloi rug collections is the Amara collection. These are hand-knotted rugs fashioned from wool, viscose, polyester, or cotton. They exude a casual but high-end feel thanks to their monotone colors and subdued patterns. The brand also has a selection of tribal rugs like the Khalid and the Odyssey, which feature geometric patterns and vibrant monochrome colors. The Loloi Rug Nyla Collection is another noteworthy selection of power-loomed rugs made with 100% viscose.

Whether you’re looking for a high-end rug as a centerpiece for your living room, or an area rug with bold patterns and designs to spruce up your office space, Loloi Rugs has it all and more.

Loloi Rug Materials & Weaving Techniques

The majority of the rugs and carpets produced by Loloi are made from hand-spun yarn of different materials. The yarn is carefully selected based on their softness, sheen, and tensile strength. The fibers are then colored by a dye master. The recipe of these dyes take into account multiple factors, like temperature and sunlight, to produce consistently vibrant colors every time.

Loloi wool rugs are then woven by skilled artisans using traditional techniques that have been passed on from previous generations. Since these weavers only use basic instruments like looms instead of machines, each rug is woven and hand-knotted meticulously. Bigger rugs may require multiple weavers working side-by-side.

Once a rug is finished, it will then be washed and stitched onto metal frames, allowing the fibers to stretch as the rug dries under the sun. It will then be sheared and hand-finished by specialists to eliminate any imperfections.

Colors & Patterns of Loloi Rugs

The Loloi brand is known for its original approach to creating both traditional and contemporary patterns. Their hand-dyed fibers and traditional weaving techniques create unique designs that appeal to different tastes.

The Amara collection features hand-knotted contemporary and transitional rugs predominantly made from wool. These rugs have mostly monochromatic color schemes like silver, grey, and ivory, with some having hints of striking colors like turquoise. For more traditional rugs, their Idris and Hygge collections have tribal motifs with subdued colors of smoke, taupe, or ink.

Caring for & Cleaning Your Loloi Area Rugs

Since Loloi rugs are mostly fashioned from wool, they are relatively easy to clean. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips:

  • Vacuum new wool rugs at least once a week for the first few months upon acquisition.
  • For smaller rugs, shake out loose dirt using a rug beater or blunt instruments.
  • For a deeper clean, you can use common wool cleaning detergent or a homemade solution. For the latter, use a teaspoon of neutral detergent, a teaspoon of pure white vinegar, and warm water.
  • Lightly scrub the rug, rinse away suds, and allow it to air dry.
  • Always use a stain remover that is exclusively for wool rugs. Avoid scrubbing fresh stains or using generic stain removers as these will damage the rug.

Decorating with Loloi Rugs & Carpets

Here are a few tips to remember when choosing a Loloi area rug for your space:

  • Take advantage of optical illusions - If you want your space to appear smaller and cozier, go for smaller area rugs. If you want it to appear more spacious, get bigger rugs.
  • Know your colors - Note that the color of your rug doesn’t necessarily have to match the colors in your room. Beige and similar colors are perfect for monochromatic spaces, while rugs with vibrant colors are ideal for brightly lit rooms.
  • Go for patterns that create contrast - If your space is full of plain furniture and solid-colored pieces, a hand-knotted tribal Loloi rug will definitely stand out, while also complementing the rest of the decor in your space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Loloi Rugs

Are Loloi rugs good quality?

Loloi is renowned in the rug industry for its high-quality rugs that fit almost any budget and taste. The company’s meticulous attention to detail has garnered it multiple awards. From its traditional and contemporary designs to its production of premium hand-knotted rugs, Loloi has the final say in artistry and quality.

Where are Loloi rugs made?

Loloi rugs and carpets are manufactured in the company’s factories in India. These factories are audited by Loloi’s partners at GoodWeave to ensure that the quality of labor follows strict ethical standards.

How are Loloi rugs made?

Loloi rugs are made using hand-spun wool and other fibers. These are dyed using special recipes. Finally, the rugs are woven using looms and are hand-knotted by master craftsmen. The rugs are then washed, sheared, and finished by hand to ensure no imperfections show before being delivered to showrooms.

Refurbish Your Home with Loloi Designer Rugs & Carpets

Create a stylish living space when you get beautiful Loloi pieces from Cyrus Artisan Rugs. We carry a wide variety of Loloi area rugs and carpets that fit any space and budget. We have tribal rugs from Loloi’s Idris, Hygge, and Iman collections. If you’re looking for transitional and contemporary rugs, choose from the rugs found in the Amara, Hadley, or Brandt collections.

We guarantee the quality of our Loloi designer rugs as they’re made with handpicked and hand-dyed wool and fibers. These products are woven by master artisans in India using traditional weaving techniques. Browse the Cyrus Rugs website today and find Loloi rugs for sale.