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Barbara Barry is known across the globe for her distinctly cool, clean, and contemporary designs. The California native’s scope ranges from work on celebrity homes to interior design collaborations with furniture and luxury rug powerhouses. Barry’s streamlined designs are incredibly appealing with their inclination towards restraint and minimalism.

Her multitude of awards include the Architectural Digest list of "World's 100 Best Designers," Elle Deco International Design’s "Designer of the Year," Interior Design’s "Hall of Fame," and House Beautiful’s "Giants of Design".

Barry’s rug collection—Tufenkian Carpets’ Barry Collection—features the designer’s signature influences from early 20th Century French design, modern architecture, and nature. These encapsulate the essence of her design aesthetic: elegance, comfort, and ease. The Barbara Barry rugs for sale at the Cyrus Artisan Rugs showroom are the stunning result of Barry and Tufenkian’s design collaboration, resulting in a timeless ode to modern design.

"I selected Barbara Barry because her signature look is serene, sophisticated and classically modern. Instinctively, I thought her ideas for design would translate fluidly into my handmade rugs and she has exceeded my hopes for exactly that,” said James Tufenkian, Tufenkian Rugs’ founder and head designer.

Materials & Weaving Techniques

Silk, satin, and other luxurious fabrics are front and center in Barbara Barry’s collaborations with renowned brands. The pieces in her Tufenkian rug collection are no exception: some carpets are made out of pure silk, while others are fashioned from wool and bamboo silk.

As with Tufenkian’s artisan carpets, Barbara Barry carpets are hand-knotted. Tufenkian artisans card, spin, dye, and weave these rugs by hand. Hand-carding and spinning yarn takes great skill and human labor. The company’s craftsmen follow computer-generated design maps as they card and spin carpets, then hand-dye them in small pots. They wash and shear area rugs by hand as well.

Colors & Patterns in Barbara Barry Signature Carpets

Barbara Barry’s designer rugs showcase a complex and versatile range of neutral tones, which showcase her ability as an artist to create subtle yet powerful statements. These carpets feature her subdued tone-on-tone combinations and soft analogous shades.

Barry’s designer rugs also feature a variety of patterns. The designer either uses few patterns or none in her work, which are evident in pieces such as the Tufenkian Shakti Shoji carpet. Other designs focus on one main pattern.

Cleaning & Caring for Barbara Barry Area Rugs

  • Have a professional rug cleaner clean your Barbara Barry carpet; Tufenkian advises against using self-cleaning methods to clean these rugs.
  • Blot spills with a clean sponge or cloth.
  • Don’t use a beater-bar type vacuum to clean Barbara Barry area rugs. This vacuum creates friction that causes faster wear and snagging.
  • Extend your carpet’s life, protect the surface underneath it, and keep it in place with a rug pad.
  • Pieces in the Barbara Barry rug collection will shed their pile, which is normal for quality area rugs.

Decorating with Barbara Barry Rugs

Most of Barry’s Tufenkian area rugs feature contemporary and transitional styles. Here are some tips you can follow in adorning your space with these carpets:

  • Choose a contemporary rug with an all-over pattern to complement bulky furniture.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Get a contemporary carpet with a pattern in a different size than your furniture. You can also look for stripes to complement floral patterns, polka dots, or more geometric motifs in your room.
  • Place a transitional rug in a bedroom, nursery, or library. Spaces with this carpet style will feel a bit quieter.
  • Transitional carpets with eye-catching tones or motifs can give your space a vibrant focal point. Rugs featuring muted colors and designs suit furniture and other pieces of décor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Barbara Barry Area Rugs

How do I select the right Barbara Barry rug for my room?

To create a cohesive look, you’ll need to select a rug that complements the two to three main colors of the room. Bring a throw pillow or color swatch of your drapes, furniture, or wall colors with you when you go to the rug showroom. This will help you visualize more accurately how all the colors, patterns, and textures will work together in the fully decorated room.

What factors should I consider when choosing a living room rug?

You’ll need to consider the size of the room, as the rug needs to be the right scale for the room. The rug’s color palette should also complement the two to three main colors of the room. Just as importantly, the rug should have a texture that feels comfortable underfoot.

Why do connoisseurs love Barbara Barry carpets & furnishings?

The designer is known for her minimalist restraint, muted color palettes, and adherence to symmetry. These designs work well in many contemporary interiors as they don’t compete with the surrounding colors, patterns, and furnishings. Her designs also bring a sense of harmony and completeness to interiors, which her clients love.

Find a Hand-crafted Masterpiece from the Barbara Barry Rug Collection

Nature’s patterns and muted colors inspired Barbara Barry’s signature rugs, which exude a quiet, timeworn beauty. Cyrus Artisan Rugs lets you bring this beauty into your space with its curated selection of Barry’s Tufenkian designer carpets. Whether you’re into contemporary or transitional design, you’re sure to find the perfect hand-knotted piece for your interiors.

The Barbara Barry area rugs in our designer carpet collection are available as rectangular and runner carpets. We also offer these artisan pieces in a variety of sizes, and you can customize one as well. Browse our online inventory today to see the full rug collection.

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