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Afghan Rugs: A Longstanding Tradition

Afghan rugs are a product of the rich heritage and tradition of the Afghan people. Carpet weaving has always been a vital part of their culture and a way of showing their artistry and diverse ethnic influences. These textiles are made using Persian knots and colored using vegetable dyes and other natural agents. These pieces are often used as floor coverings or prayer rugs.

While Afghan rugs have a lot of types to choose from, their most recognizable style in the Western world is the Daulatabad. These Oriental rugs feature octagonal motifs and have distinct vivid reds and dark blue color schemes.

Another type of Afghan carpet with Oriental designs is Kilim rugs. These are pileless handwoven textiles made using a flat weaving technique. These rugs have small slits between various colors.

Like most Oriental rugs, Afghan pieces can either be done by hand or machine-made. They are traditionally woven on small looms and used as decor for Afghan tents. These rugs could last for many years as they are made from Afghan wool with vegetable dye or pre-dyed wool yarn as an alternative if the traditional materials aren’t available. They are also highly durable and intricately detailed, thanks to the Persian knot of weaving this type of rug.

Weavers pass on their crafting techniques to the next generation to keep their culture alive. Their rugs reflect their rich history and as a means to share their way of life. This is why Oriental rugs and carpets are highly valuable since each piece tells a story.

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