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Afghan Rugs: A Withstanding Tradition

During the civil war and conflict with the Soviet Union, at least a million citizens of Afghanistan fled the country, including thousands of rug weavers. This is why it’s difficult to determine where exactly a piece was made. Today, many of these rugs are either made in the country or made by Afghan refugees living in Pakistan.

There are different types of Afghan rugs, but the Daulatabad is the most well-recognized style in the Western world, which is characterized by octagon designs and two colors (red and dark blue). Kilim is a flat-woven type with small slits between various colors and is also widely available in the U.S.

Like most rugs, Afghan pieces can also be made by hand or machine. Traditionally, these rugs are woven on small looms and used to adorn tents. The materials used for these pieces are Persian knots and hand-spun Afghan wool with vegetable dye, while pre-dyed wool yarn is used as an alternative. Many weavers have maintained these practices for decades since they are an important part of their culture. You’ll find a dizzying array of styles and patterns, as rugs would have specific purposes and special meanings depending on which ethnic group they came from.

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