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  • Cyrus Artisan Alcove Campana Rugs

    $675.00 - $3,875.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Alcove Channel Rugs

    $675.00 - $3,875.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Alcove Equilibrio Rugs

    $675.00 - $3,875.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Alcove Lantern Rugs

    $675.00 - $3,875.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Alcove Refraction Rugs

    $675.00 - $3,875.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Alcove Woomera Rugs

    $675.00 - $3,875.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Indian Modern Rug - 8' x 8'

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  • Cyrus Artisan Loom BFI-01 Rugs

    $295.00 - $4,325.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Loom BFI-01 Rugs-Blue - 9' x 11' 11''

  • Cyrus Artisan Loom BFI-03 Rugs

    $295.00 - $5,875.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Loom BH-LC Rugs

    $295.00 - $4,275.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Rhian Adorn Rugs

    $425.00 - $3,875.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Rhian Daydream Rugs

    $425.00 - $3,875.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Rhian Doha Rugs

    $425.00 - $3,875.00
  • Cyrus Artisan Transitions TRA-01 Rugs

    $295.00 - $3,950.00
  • Jaipur Living Basis Rugs

    $695.00 - $2,975.00
  • Jaipur Living Kelle Rugs

    $575.00 - $2,495.00
  • Loloi Arlo ARL-01 Rugs

    $295.00 - $10,775.00 Special Discount for Selected Items
  • Loloi Arlo ARL-01 Rugs-Charcoal/Silver - 7' 9'' x 9' 9''

  • Loloi Arlo ARL-02 Rugs

    $295.00 - $10,775.00 Special Discount for Selected Items
  • Loloi Arlo ARL-03 Charcoal/Taupe Rugs

    $295.00 - $10,775.00 Special Discount for Selected Items
  • Loloi Barkley BK-01 Rugs

    $475.00 - $3,725.00 Special Discount for Selected Items
  • Loloi Beverly BEV-01 Rugs

    $525.00 - $3,275.00 Special Discount for Selected Items
  • Loloi Brandt BRA-01 Rugs

    $450.00 - $3,875.00 Special Discount for Selected Items

Simplicity and Beauty All Rolled Into One

Hand loomed area rugs create an aura of class and sophistication. Elegant and versatile, these rugs are the ideal choice if you want to improve your home’s overall decor. Unlike other artisan rugs that are more prone to losing their durability over time, artisan area rugs are different. Simple yet beautiful, these pieces can stand the test of time.

Opt for hand loomed rugs for an exquisitely beautiful design piece without sacrificing quality. In contrast to machine-made rugs, a lot of craftsmanship goes into creating hand loomed carpets. These are made from unique weaving techniques for better quality, texture, and design. And from a design quality perspective, they are a magnificent addition to your living space.

Flat-woven rugs, in particular, are suitable for any setting, whether your home has a rustic or cosmopolitan design. On top of their aesthetic allure, these hand loomed rugs are durable and easy to clean.

Purchase a Quality Hand Loomed Rug from Cyrus Artisan Rugs

Our area rugs and carpets bring comfort, beauty, and luxury to your home. Their intricate patterns and designs have the power to make any space look good.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs boasts a wide array of hand tufted rugs in our extensive catalog. We have over 31 types of hand loomed rugs with different designs, brands, and colors. Take your pick among our meticulously crafted hand loomed rugs and liven up your home’s decor.

Browse the Cyrus Artisan Rugs collection to find the best hand loomed rug for your living space today.