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Create a Rustic Atmosphere with Brown Area Rugs

Brown area rugs evoke a sense of strength and reliability. Incorporating this color into your home decor will create a sense of dependability and security, infusing your space with a tasteful and soothing ambiance. When applied to home design and particular decors such as accent rugs, brown indoor rugs give a natural feeling of comfort and warmth to a living space.

Brown area rugs offer more than just a natural and serene vibe. They can also beautifully enhance specific themes and patterns, adding a touch of elegance and style to any space. Farmhouse rugs are made out of natural fibers such as seagrass or sisal. These rugs can give a living room a soothing, rustic ambiance due to the earthy brown colors in these natural materials.

Materials and Weaving Techniques

Rugs are made from different materials, including wool, silk, and hemp. Artisans commonly use wool because it is one of the strongest rug-making fibers. They may also use synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester in crafting a modern rug.

These fibers are weaved using various techniques, but the most common method is hand-knotting. Hand-knotted rugs can take anywhere between a few months to a year to finish, even though several weavers work simultaneously on a single piece. No two handmade rugs are identical, so you can expect a unique surface on every masterpiece. Moreover, hand-knotting produces bespoke rugs that can last several years if properly handled.

Colors and Patterns of Brown Rugs

Brown rugs have an earthy appeal. The color usually represents earth and soil and is considered the symbol of fertility.

Brown is a color that is easy to combine with other tones. For example, blue and brown area rugs can be used together because the blue's coolness balances the brown's warmth. On the other hand, a grey and brown area rug contains neutral and uplifting colors that complement each other, while the contrasting shades of a brown and white rug bring a clean and sophisticated look into a room.

Caring for and Cleaning Your Brown Rugs

Prolong the life of your brown area rug with these caring and cleaning tips:

  • Refrain from folding your bespoke rug because this may cause creases and permanent damage. Instead, roll them in the direction of its fibers.
  • Rotate your luxury rug so that one spot doesn’t wear out faster than other parts of the rug. Do this at least once a year and twice for carpets located in high-traffic areas.
  • Furniture placed on top of rugs can leave indents on the rug. The paint or dirt on its legs can also damage your rug’s dye. Prevent this from happening by putting furniture protectors on their feet.

Decorating with Brown Rugs

Enhance your room’s interior with these rug decorating tips:

  • Place decor like pillows and poufs with the same color scheme as your brown rug in the same room. Pick out a shade or two and base the colors of your display pieces on them.
  • Add a brown runner rug in narrow spaces like hallways or between kitchen islands.
  • Brown living room rugs can be light or dark, depending on your preference. Remember that light rugs make spaces appear larger, while those in a darker hue have a cozier look.
  • Break the monotony of squares on your floor and use a round rug. This adds a visual appeal, making your spaces look more inviting and stimulating.
  • Brown bedroom rugs come in different shades, ranging from light and sandy to deep chocolate and espresso. Consider the overall scheme of your bedroom and bring a bespoke rug that complements the existing palette.
  • Consider the size and shape of your furniture when selecting a brown dining room rug. It should be large enough to accommodate the chairs, even when they are pulled out. Frequently Asked Questions about Brown Rugs

Frequently Asked Questions about Brown Rugs

What color goes well with brown area rugs?

Brown works well with a variety of tones and shades. You can maintain a monochromatic scheme with tans and creams, for instance. You might want to look into using lime greens to break the monotony of the brown. Since this type of color has a blue undertone, it can balance out the warmness of the brown.

For a unique pairing, you can mix brown with pink because they are perfect accents for each other. Other colors that work great with brown include fuchsia, yellow, mint, and white.

How can I mix textiles with brown rugs?

Textured fabrics can make heavy and dull rooms look brighter. Rich-colored textile, for example, makes areas fresher while enhancing the impact of a brown area rug. Moreover, you can add in other bright-colored decors, such as curtains, throw pillows, or cushions. Mix different textiles to achieve a more visually appealing room.

What shades of brown can I use?

There are various hues of browns that you can experiment with, such as coffee, walnut, and cinnamon for dark tones and warm tan, almond, chestnut, tortilla, and copper for on the lighter side of the palette. Remember that darker tones bring a cozy feel into a room, while lighter shades make spaces seem larger.

Find Quality Brown Area Rugs from Cyrus Artisan Rugs

Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers a wide array of quality modern rugs that fit any home. These rugs originated from numerous countries such as India, China, Nepal, Turkey, and more.

The rugs in our inventory are made with different construction styles, such as flat-weaving and hand-looming. We also carry designer rugs from Thomas O’Brien, Kavi, and Barbara Barry, to name a few. Browse the Cyrus Artisan Rugs collection now and find the best brown rug for your home.

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