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Upgrade Your Home with Tamarian Area Rugs & Carpets

Tamarian rugs are nothing short of classic elegance. These designer pieces are hand-knotted area rugs made from premium Tibetan highland sheep wool. The wool is combined with top-notch silk for added variations. Artisans then use chrome-based dyes to complement the premier fiber and produce bright colors for the rugs.

Tamarian rugs are backed with a long history of traditional methods such as the Tibetan knots. The ancient technique of the Tibetan loop, also called the Senneh knot, ensures the rugs’ delicate quality. With the handcrafting techniques of Tamarian artisans, collectors are guaranteed of a long-lasting artwork in their homes.

The hand-knotted rugs are remarkably soft yet durable. These qualities are due to the Tibetan highland sheep’s environment -- a terroir ideal for the production of exemplary wool. Located at a high-altitude of 10,000 feet, Tibetan sheep produce fine fibers perfect for rugs and carpets. Apart from softness and durability, Tamarian luxury wool rugs are soil-resistant, which makes them practical designer pieces for every collector.

Add Value to Your Collection with Tamarian Area Rugs & Carpets

Our collection of Tamarian rugs features eye-catching combinations of colors and patterns. From nature-inspired to abstract designs, each Tibetan rug has unique subtleties that exhibit centuries-old craftsmanship. Each area rug is handled with the utmost care and made with boundless creativity by passionate and skilled artisans from Nepal.

With a wide selection to choose from, you can find a rug that suits your personality and style. Unleash your creativity by investing in captivating Tamarian rugs that can last several lifetimes. Hang these Tamarian rugs in your wall or place the carpets in specific areas of your home to express your style.

Our Tibetan rug collection includes sizes of 8x10, 9x12, 10x14, and, 12x15. For maximum personalization, we offer selections of varying wool to silk ratio. These available measurements, combined with wide-ranging designs and fiber ratio, guarantee that you can find Tibetan rugs perfect for your home and suited to your personality.