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6 x 9 Area Rugs & Carpets

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A 6x9 rug has become a very popular choice for downsizing homeowners nowadays. If you’re working with a small space, this type of rug may just be the best fit for that particular area. Find the perfect one for your room by browsing Cyrus Artisan Rugs’ extensive area rug inventory.

Adorn Your Small Space with Handcrafted 6x9 Area Rugs

For homeowners who have small living rooms in their homes, 6x9 rugs can add style and ease to these areas. If your furniture is adjacent to your walls, these rugs will allow you to put all of your furniture’s front legs on top of them. You can also go for a 6x9 rug that runs in the middle of your seating. The rug will appear as if it was intended and well-designed for that area, as long as you correctly center it between your furniture.

Moreover, if you wish to add extra ease to your bedroom, you can insert a 6x9 rug below your bed and cover it up to your bedside table. Doing so will give your space comfortable padding. A 6x9 area rug in your bedroom won’t cover your lovely floors, of course. On the other hand, a table in an apartment-type dining space can be pushed towards the window or wall, saving it plenty of space and increase lighting usage. Thus, you can use a 6x9 rug in this case.

Choose the Best 6x9 Area Rug for Your Modern Home

For a 6x9 rug that can complement your small space, Cyrus Artisan Rugs lets you choose the perfect one from a vast selection of handmade area rugs. Crafted by various artisans and designers from different parts of the world, our 6x9 rugs come in a variety of types and colors. We also classify them according to construction and origin, so it’ll be easier for you to select the rug of your choice.

Moreover, 6x9 area rugs can add an artistic touch to your home with their intricate designs and patterns. They make your space more attractive and interesting to your guests, especially if they’re the focal point of the room. A 6x9 rug also serves as an heirloom piece for future generations, since they can last for a long time.