Rug Weaving Techniques

Looking for exquisite handcrafted area rugs or carpets to adorn your home? Cyrus Artisan Rugs maintains a selectively curated inventory of rugs that are created with the finest materials and crafted using age-old rug construction techniques—flat-woven, hand-tufted, loom-woven, hand-knotted, and more. Boasting a wide array of carpet styles, motifs, dimensions, color palettes, and textures, these artisanal creations will breathe life and character into your home.

Handcrafted Rugs: More Than Just Decorative Pieces

When it comes to quality of construction and sheer artistry, nothing quite compares to handcrafted rugs. While machine-made rugs are undoubtedly cheaper, they don’t last as long and lack the artistry and craftsmanship found in the best hand-tufted or hand-knotted rugs. Made using a variety of carpet construction techniques, our handmade rugs are painstakingly crafted by expert carpet weavers from various parts of the world, particularly from countries that make up the “Rug Belt”—including Iran, Turkey, Nepal, Pakistan, and India.

The ancient tradition of carpet weaving is alive and well today, and area rugs made using such techniques are prized and valued in modern society. These rugs aren’t just statement pieces and decorative staples, as they’re also smart investments. With proper care and maintenance, these rugs can be passed on to the next generation as heirlooms or resold on the market for a handsome profit.

Elegant, Chic, and Built to Last

Rugs made using the most traditional types of carpet construction techniques are characterized by their unique visual language and unparalleled level of artistry. Due to the precise and elaborate nature of the techniques involved in creating them, handcrafted rugs take a lot of time and require tremendous skill—which in turn ensures their timeless beauty and dependable durability. The combination of natural carpet fibers and the high knots per square inch (kpsi) in each handmade carpet ensures that your investment will last for decades to come.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs places the highest emphasis on promoting the history, culture, and art of rug making with the rest of the world. Our area rugs and carpets are manufactured in countries known for their long-standing weaving traditions, which means that discerning customers can be assured of each carpet’s authenticity and quality—especially when it comes to construction. Whether you’re looking for a flat-woven rug or a hand-tufted carpet, you’re sure to find the perfect, high-quality piece from our vast selection.

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