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Classic Beauty: Exquisite Collection of Vintage Area Rugs

At Cyrus Artisan Rug, we specialize in vintage area rugs. We offer a fresh interior design trend with our collection of vintage distressed rugs, deviating from the classic appeal of rugs and setting ourselves apart with their faded and “weathered” look.

Elevate Your Space with an Exquisite Vintage Rug

Rugs are typically designed with vibrant and dynamic patterns. But vintage distressed rugs offer a fresh interior design trend by deviating from the classic appeal of rugs. It sets itself apart with its faded and “weathered” look.

This style follows the same fashion principle behind ripped jeans. Rug designers apply a distressing technique straight to a rug to make it look older and give it a “weathered” look. The result: a one-of-a-kind, vintage-looking rug. Its simple yet striking design makes it incredibly versatile.

Vintage distressed rugs are available in two types: vintage antique rugs that are salvaged and given a new personality or a new rug that’s distressed to give it a more aged appearance. Applying these changes to antique rugs can take place through methods such as bleaching or overdyeing. In turn, the process produces a rug with lighter colors.

The appeal of vintage distressed area rugs lies in their flaws and imperfections. After all, the wear and “discoloration” on its surfaces give it a distinct look. So adding an eccentric and stylish distressed rug to your room will give your space a new dimension of character and design.