Multi Colored Area Rugs

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Add A Splash of Color to Your Room with Multicolored Area Rugs

A multicolored area rug's different hues and tones can elicit certain emotions in your space, such as peace and opulence. The colors you choose can also help you achieve an interior with a rustic theme or whimsical vibe, for instance.

Vibrant multicolored area rugs, in particular, can introduce a burst of personality and evoke diverse emotions in your home.

Multicolored rugs are functional home decor pieces because they aren’t just rugs. Rather, they’re works of art that can communicate different feelings and emotions.

For instance, a white and orange multicolored bathroom rug can make your space look bigger and more playful. Other colors can also achieve a similar impact. Consider how blue rugs can be calming while yellow rugs give your space a brighter, airy look.

So when designing your space, it helps to experiment with these different colors to make it truly stand out.

Materials & Weaving Techniques

The meticulous weaving process and choice of high-quality materials contribute to the durable finish and exquisite attention to detail found in multicolored area rugs.

Hand-knotting is the most common method of the various weaving techniques because it results in long-lasting and heavy-duty pieces. It is an intensive process that involves using a special loom to tie every knot individually.

This process can take a long time to finish, even though several weavers are already working on the same piece. However, the results are incredible because the finished product can last long.

As for the materials, natural fibers are often used for multicolored rugs because they absorb the dye extremely well.

Colors & Patterns of Multicolored Area Rugs

Colors set the mood in any interior and can communicate different emotions. For example, red is vibrant and bold, while blue is calming and peaceful. On the other hand, green signifies prosperity, and yellow is often associated with brightness and the sun.

More than just evoking certain emotions, however, using different colors can help unique patterns like floral designs and animal prints stand out. Using white, for instance, can help highlight these elements. Meanwhile, some colorful area rugs may use black to create borders.

Caring & Cleaning for Your Multicolored Area Rugs

Make your bespoke rug look its best with the proper care. Here are some of our caring and cleaning tips:

  • Use a clean towel to immediately soak up the excess liquid and prevent stains caused by spills.
  • Place covers or protectors on the feet of your furniture to prevent dents and other damage.
  • Allow your handmade rug to soak up some fresh air every now and then. Hang it to dry outside to remove unpleasant odors and loosen deep-seated dirt.

Decorating with Multicolored Area Rugs

Place your multicolored area rug in your interior and keep these decorating tips in mind:

  • Base furniture and other decorative items on two specific colors found on your designer rug, like red and blue, to achieve a more cohesive look.
  • Opt for a monochromatic design if you’re more conservative and don’t feel like mixing and matching colors.
  • Mix and balance out warm and cool tones to achieve a more comfortable and inviting room ambiance.
  • Let your bright multicolored area rug shine by surrounding it with neutral-colored walls, furniture, and other decors. Your carpet will be the focal point of your room, achieving a cohesive and balanced look.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multicolored Area Rugs

Which colors work well in a multicolored area rug?

Luxury rugs are available in different colors. If you’re unsure of what looks good, consult a color wheel. Complementary hues, or those opposite each other on the color wheel, can help achieve a daring look.

In contrast, those next to each other on the color wheel, also known as analogous colors, look more harmonious. Stick to a monochromatic color scheme for a more subtle and low-contrast look.

Does my flooring play a part when choosing a multicolored rug?

Yes, it does. Interiors have different flooring, such as marble, hardwood, and tile. Some modern rugs, for instance, work well on marble floors but not hardwood. If you have dark floors, create contrast with a light-colored rug.

How do I decorate with a multicolored area rug?

If you’re having trouble decorating with multicolored rugs, pick out a few colors on their surface and choose decorative and accent pieces that match well with them. For example, if your carpet has white, blue, and green, you can match the rug with a green sofa and white throw pillows. This way, you can achieve a more harmonious interior.

Purchase Multicolored Rugs from Cyrus Artisan Rugs

Cyrus Artisan Rugs offer a wide array of multicolored living room rugs and colorful carpets for every part of your home.

These are of the highest quality, with some either being hand-knotted, hand-tufted, or flat-woven, as well as originating from various countries such as China, India, Iran, and Nepal, to name a few.

These designer rugs are also created by brands and notable people like Kevin Walz, Thomas O’Brien, and Ralph Lauren. Browse the Cyrus Artisan Rugs catalog now and find the perfect multicolored area rug for your home.

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