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Enhance Your Interior with a Harounian Area Rug

Harounian rugs radiate luxuriousness and practicality. Harounian International reimagines traditional designs to make their area rugs blend effortlessly with modern interiors. Skilled weavers from India carefully weave each oriental rug by hand, painstakingly creating bespoke pieces.

Harounian International takes quality seriously, and only makes rugs from 100% premium wool. In fact, its products contain a high lanolin content, making them stain and soil-resistant. As a result, the rugs and carpets are ideal for rooms with greater foot traffic.

Some rug owners worry that leaving heavy pieces of furniture over their carpets will cause indents over time. But Harounian carpets are durable enough to withstand fiber compression from heavy furniture. Apart from their durability, Harounian area rugs are extremely soft to the touch. Even after being on display for several years, they remain a true work of art.

Any collector would be proud to call a Harounian carpet their own. Browse our collection and ship for Harounian International area rugs and carpets today.

Shop for Harounian International Area Rugs & Carpets

Our extensive collection of Harounian International area rugs are available in different patterns. Designs range from classic to contemporary, producing a decorative blend that will suit various collector tastes.

Customers are free to choose between bordered and non-bordered Harounian rugs. A bordered rug adds a simple flair to a rug’s design, giving it a cleaner, sharper look. On top of that, Harounian International follows the hand-knotting tradition, which gives our bordered traditional rugs unique texture. Their special hand-knotting process ensures the quality of each piece.

Our Harounian International rugs are available in different sizes. If the dimensions don’t match your space, however, we can customize your rug to fit your needs. Depending on the size, you may opt for either square or rectangular rugs. Shop with us today.