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Beautify Your Homes with Oversized Rugs

Large homes can be as challenging to decorate as tiny ones. They run the risk of appearing either too bare or too crowded. Oversized rugs can fill empty spaces and help separate areas without disrupting the flow of a room.

Oversized area rugs, such as 12x18 rugs, are spacious enough to cover large areas like living rooms or bedrooms but are not as extensive as carpets. These rugs can have a transformative effect on your home.

They create balance, add warmth, and give you more space to comfortably walk around barefoot, especially during cold winter

Unlike carpets, oversized rugs are more convenient to decorate with. They don’t cover your floor entirely, so you can use them to create sections in a wide space. The flooring peeking out will serve as a border around your rug, making it an instant focal point. These rugs don’t need to be professionally installed as well, making them a more cost-saving option than carpets.