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Indian Rugs: Woven Masterpieces Steeped in History

Handmade rugs from India are heavily influenced by world-class Persian patterns that have stood out since the 16th century.

The Great Mughal Akbar was a general who promulgated his kingdom's love of art, culture, and industry. He decorated the floors of the royal residences with high-quality silk, cashmere, and sheep wool rugs. These pieces were intricately made with exactly 4,224 knots per square inch and took at least 15 years to complete. The meticulous craftsmanship that went through in creating these rugs added to their grandeur and value. This high level of artistry and use of durable materials lasted well into the rule of Akbar’s successors and throughout the time of Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal’s esteemed creator.

Today, handmade Indian rugs are still regarded as some of the world's most exquisite rugs you can get for your home or office space. These Oriental rug pieces show a deep insight into their thorough knotting methods, top-quality materials, and painstaking effort, making them valuable and sought-after by collectors, rug enthusiasts, and designers. Adorn your interior with these Indian rugs to show the country’s rich history and culture and give your room a more opulent feel.

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