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Indian Rugs

Handmade Indian rugs bear a profound influence from Persian patterns, renowned since the 16th century. The visionary ruler, the Great Mughal Akbar, championed art, culture, and industry, gracing royal abodes with sumptuous silk, cashmere, and sheep wool rugs.

These masterpieces, boasting an astonishing 4,224 knots per square inch, demanded over 15 years of meticulous craftsmanship, heightening their grandeur and worth.

This elevated level of artistry and the use of enduring materials endured throughout Akbar's successors' reigns and during the era of Shah Jahan, the illustrious architect behind the Taj Mahal. Presently, handmade Indian rugs continue to be revered as the world's most exquisite floor coverings, sought after by collectors, rug aficionados, and designers alike.

These Oriental treasures bear witness to intricate knotting techniques, handwoven from premium materials, and are a testament to painstaking dedication, rendering them both valuable and sought-after. Elevate your interiors with these Indian rugs, offering a glimpse into the nation's rich history and culture while infusing opulence into your living spaces.