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Curating a luxurious home doesn't have to be complicated. You can create picturesque rooms in your home similar to what interior designers conceive for magazines with the help of bespoke rugs.

Luxury area rugs can dictate the overall mood of your space and tie different design elements together into a cohesive look. Bespoke area rugs can inspire you to experiment with other themes and color palettes. Altogether, carpets are versatile and functional home decor pieces that every stylish space should have.

There are plenty of ways you can work with area rugs. For instance, they can be the main inspiration for your design concept. Suppose you're unsure what motif or color palette would be best for your living room. We recommend looking through our rug store and searching for an exciting piece that speaks to your personality or style.

Your chosen square area rug's overall theme and color palette will help you determine the other design elements your living room needs. If you bought a modern black and white area rug, it’s best to pair it with light gray furniture and natural wood accents for a modern chic look. Aside from neutral colors, the combination of black and white can also work well with deep shades of blue and dark wooden furniture.

Another great way to utilize designer rugs is to define your dining room. We suggest looking for area rugs that can accommodate your dining table and chairs when they're in use. Doing so ensures your dining room doesn't look awkward. Don’t forget to leave enough space between your walls and the rug's end for a visually pleasing look.

Your chosen carpet should also follow the shape of your dining table. For a large circular dining table, round-area rugs create visual cohesion. Additionally, it forms a perfect frame around your furniture. While it's true that you can mix and match shapes in terms of furniture and rugs, the approach is best suited for smaller tables.

Regardless of the look or mood you want to create for your home, there are plenty of unique rugs you can find. Cyrus Artisan Rugs is here to help you find the perfect piece for your style.

Rug Style & Types

As a trusted rug store, Cyrus Artisan Rugs has an extensive selection of carpets in various styles and types, from modern to antique rugs.

Traditional Style

Traditional rugs are some of the most common carpet types available in stores. These handmade rugs typically draw inspiration from handspun antique rugs from Europe and Asia and feature intricate patterns and color palettes influenced by European, Victorian, and Oriental styles.

Thanks to its sophisticated colors of deep sage, warm beige, rich maroon, and navy, they quickly turn any room into a luxurious space. Because of their floral and geometric patterns, traditional bespoke rugs are perfect for creating bohemian concepts. You can add accents of greens and warm browns to complete your boho living room.

If you want to recreate the vintage Victorian homes of England, you can use traditional carpets as the focal point of your living space. Pair this with masterful woodwork, preferably in dark tones, and you'll have the perfect Victorian-inspired living room.

Transitional Style

Transitional bespoke area rugs mix classic and contemporary weaving influences into one versatile carpet. This rug style is perfect if you can't seem to decide which motif you want to use for your home's interior. These carpets are versatile enough to work well with any concept, from mid-century contemporary to industrial interior designs.

This rug type either mixes classic patterns with contemporary colors or vice versa. Some designers add modern elements like distressed motifs to add a unique edge to the conventional rug designs we love.

Whether you want to use your transitional square area rugs to anchor your contemporary decor or use it as the foundation of your bedroom's color scheme, you can use them however you want to. Pieces with bolder colors can be the focal point of your home, while transitional designer rugs with a more subtle theme can help bring together your entire theme.

Tribal Style

Tribal handmade rugs are carpets that come from different tribes across the globe. When creating tribal pieces, nomadic and semi-nomadic tribal weavers used naturally-sourced materials like sheep's wool and vegetable dyes. The designs found on these rugs represent the cultures of their weavers and convey the kind of life they lived.

Similar to traditional designer rugs, tribal carpets are a must for creating a bohemian theme in your home. But aside from working well with free-spirited concepts, they also blend seamlessly into modern living spaces. If you want to introduce a bit of color into any area, look for bedroom area rugs with greys and creams in their color palette.

If you're looking for the perfect piece for your summer-themed home, we highly recommend looking for flatweave tribal Persian rugs. Flatweave carpets are thin enough that they help keep your home feel cooler during the hot summer season.

Contemporary Style

If you enjoy modern interior concepts, contemporary designer rugs are perfect for your needs. Unlike traditional and tribal styles that feature patterns from years ago, this rug style highlights today's trends. These handmade rugs typically use free-form designs and modern color palettes with contrasting, bold colors.

Suppose you want to update your home's interior design without having to create significant changes to your setup; it would be best if you purchase contemporary rugs. Thanks to their modern design, your chosen carpet will easily give your home a more updated look. Remember that creating a cohesive visual concept is vital when decorating your home, so you’ll need a piece that shares a similar color palette to your existing design scheme.

Contemporary luxury area rugs come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. If you're going to add a focal point to your living space, we recommend purchasing a brightly colored area rug and pairing it with accent colors of cream or white. Conversely, you can opt for something more subtle and monochromatic if you want to add more depth to your minimalist home.

Solid Style

As the name suggests, solid-style rugs are carpets that come in a single color. These bespoke rugs often feature geometric patterns and different textiles, making them the perfect choice for adding depth to minimalistic spaces.

Solid-colored designer rugs work well with patterned furniture. Suppose your Victorian-inspired living room's sprawling couch has intricate floral patterns; it would be best if you matched it with a solid-colored rug that compliments the color scheme of your furniture. The same tip can be applied when adding other design elements to your space; their colors should complement your primary furniture.

We highly recommend purchasing solid-style carpets if you're looking for round-area rugs with versatile, subtle designs.

Striped Style

Stripes are timeless patterns that allow you to control your home's overall look and feel. The size, orientation, and colors of stripes determine how the lines can change your room's appearance. For instance, horizontal lines help create the illusion of more expansive space in narrow rooms. Meanwhile, if you want to balance the height of your high ceilings, you can look for horizontal stripes in vibrant colors.

Thanks to the versatility of these pieces’ classic patterns, it's possible to achieve any design concept, from coastal bedrooms to mid-century modern living spaces. Additionally, they work well with other patterns; you can pair stripes with floral designs, so long as their color scheme stays muted and neutral.

Conversely, you can look for striped designer rugs in bold or contrasting colors to draw attention to your hardwood flooring. The look you want to achieve will determine the kind of stripes you would need.

Southwest Style

Like tribal handmade rugs, southwest-style carpets are tapestries from tribes in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and other states. Weavers incorporated designs and patterns unique to their culture and tribe, making these rugs popular among historians. Some standard color palettes featured on this rug style include brown, yellow, orange, green, red, and other earth tones.

Unlike other contemporary square area rugs, these carpets use naturally-sourced materials like cotton and vegetable dyes that are more environmentally friendly than other artificial colorants. Balance plays a vital role in creating sophisticated homes with the help of southwestern carpets. You want to ensure that their intricate patterns and contrasting colors don't overwhelm the eyes of your guests.

If you want to purchase pieces with bold reds and yellows, we recommend using them as the focal point of your space. Conversely, you can look for subtle variations of the same rug style to introduce color to your neutral bedroom.

One-of-a-kind Style

Antique rugs like Oriental and Persian fall under the category of one-of-a-kind carpets. Most of these rug styles are preserved tapestries from different eras and countries. These bespoke rugs are unique because they have accumulated a distressed look over the years.

It's almost impossible to find vintage Oriental rugs similar to one another, and each piece you see in stores has distinct signs of history you cannot find anywhere else. We highly recommend investing in an antique rug to add a great conversation starter to your living space.

Another great thing about one-of-a-kind designer rugs is their durability. Families have passed some of these tapestries from one generation to another. And experts have restored them to their original shape, so they continue to age gracefully.

Rug Brands & Designers

Cyrus Artisan Rugs has partnered with some of the world's most popular rug brands and designers to create its extensive catalog of luxury area rugs. Our selection of artisan carpets includes the work of the following:

  • Jaipur Living
  • Lapchi
  • Loloi
  • Ralph Lauren Home
  • Safavieh
  • Barbara Barry
  • Erbil Tezcan
  • James Tufenkian
  • Jenny Jones
  • Thomas O' Brien

For fans of traditional weaving techniques used by ancient weavers, our inventory features select pieces from the brand Jaipur Living. Meanwhile, those who want unique area rugs can browse through our selection of carpets from Lapchi's brand. Finally, if you're searching for durable square area rugs that can last for years, we have worked with Loloi to provide you with top-grade modern contemporary carpets.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs have also worked with designers like Jenny Jones, Thomas O'Brien, Barbara Barry, and Ralph Lauren to deliver bespoke designer rugs to collectors and enthusiasts in St. Louis Park, MN.

Manufacturing & Weaving Methods

Over recent years, designers and rug brands have changed their manufacturing and weaving techniques. Some of the methods featured in Cyrus Artisan Rugs' catalog include:

  • Hand knotting
  • Flat weaving
  • Hand looming
  • Hand tufting

Suppose you want to purchase plush square area rugs for the winter season; we highly recommend looking for pieces made using a hand tufting gun. Meanwhile, antique rugs like Persian often use hand-looming and hand-knotting techniques from the East. The manufacturing and weaving technique used on your purchased carpets determines the maintenance you must do to keep them in excellent condition.

Rug Colors & Decorating Tips

As a trusted rug store, Cyrus Artisan Rugs' selection of luxury area rugs includes various sizes and color palettes. Some of the most popular shades in our inventory include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Gold and yellow
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • White
  • Black

When curating a vintage theme for your space, we recommend looking for textured area rugs for a luxurious finish. Meanwhile, for fans of the bohemian concept, you must look for pieces with shades similar to stone and clay. We recommend adding natural elements like wood and ceramics to tie the entire motif together.

Lastly, to create a Hellenistic-inspired bedroom, bedroom area rugs with shades of blue and gray are great pieces to acquire. Soft floral patterns can also help you recreate the Greek motif.

Companies & Homes Served in St. Louis Park, MN

Cyrus Artisan Rugs serves St. Louis Park rug collectors with a wide selection of luxury area rugs from different rug brands and designers across the globe. We ship our designer rugs from our Bloomington showroom straight to your doorstep. 

St. Louis Park is home to various attractions and historically relevant landmarks. You can watch different shows at the ShowPlace ICON Theatres at the West End or learn more about the history of St. Louis Park at the St. Louis Park Historical Society at Dakota Avenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clean rugs with vacuum cleaners?

Generally speaking, you can use vacuum cleaners to clean your handmade rugs. But before you do anything, you must check your piece's materials and weaving method, as certain fibers require specific cleaning instructions. For example, shaggy rug piles don't do well with standard vacuum cleaners due to their long fibers.

Is it normal for new handmade rugs to shed?

Shedding is normal for specific types of carpets like wool rugs, especially if they're newly manufactured. It's a common side effect of particular weaving processes and typically involves thicker rug piles. It could be a sign of wear and tear if you've had your designer rug for a while and it is now starting to shed.

Can I add a rug on top of my carpet?

Yes, you can use square area rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. This technique works well if you want to cover up a stain or add more texture to your living space. One rule you must remember when layering rugs is to mix textures. If you already have a looped pile, you must pair it with a thicker carpet.

Do I need a rug pad?

Rug pads add an extra layer of protection to your hardwood flooring and prevent your carpet from slipping. These pads add more cushion between the rug and your flooring, ensuring that your flooring doesn't get damaged by debris.

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