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Decorate your Home with Jaipur Living Area Rugs & Carpets

Jaipur Living area rugs and carpets are all about combining beautiful designs with outstanding quality. Each of these traditional rugs is made from the finest materials like wool and is hand-knotted by artisans. These traditionally weaved rugs have vibrant colors and traditional motifs that make them both functional and artistic pieces of furniture.

Jaipur Living was founded in 1978 by Nand Kishore Chaudhary. Since then, they have worked hand in hand with over 40,000 artisans in India to revive the dying art of rug weaving and translate this vision to each of the rugs that they make. The rugs and carpets they produce are made by simple and passionate handcrafters. These artisans are mostly women and have a considerable amount of traditional rug weaving experience among them. Jaipur Living dedicates their love for traditional rugs and rug weaving to creating beautiful lives for both their consumers and their employees and artisans.

Get Exquisite Jaipur Living Area Rugs only at Cyrus Artisan Rugs

Find the best selection of Jaipur Living rugs and carpets in our collection. Our lineup of traditional hand-knotted rugs from the brand include carpets designed by Kavi and Jenny Jones-Global. We have the Opus collection of traditional rugs that have traditional designs and motifs, as well as the Chaos Theory collection of contemporary rugs by Kavi.

As for rug sizes, We have runner rugs, rectangular, and round rugs that can be used to decorate any home or living space. These traditional and hand-knotted rugs are also available in custom sizes so that you can choose the perfect rug size that will fit your design aesthetic for your home. These rugs can easily anchor furniture to the floor and give an additional dynamic to your space. Also, since these quality rugs are hand-knotted, they will last you a lifetime. Choose from among our vast collection of Jaipur Living rugs and find the centerpiece rug or carpet for your home.

Cleaning & Caring for Jaipur Living Rugs

Pure Wool

  • Use a vacuum cleaner without a beater or brush bar when cleaning your wool rug. Otherwise, your rug’s fibers can wear out or shed.
  • Make sure you’re always vacuuming your rug to remove dirt, dust, and residue. If you’re cleaning your rug yourself, start by giving it a shake outside. Run your vacuum over the rug when you’re done, then clean it in small sections. Rub a sponge with wool-safe detergent gently on each of those sections and rinse afterward.
  • Let your rug dry. Hang it outside or use a heavy-duty fan so the rug dries faster.
  • Blot (not rub) any spills out of your wool area rug right away. Gently dry excess liquid up with a clean cloth or paper towel, then apply wool cleaner to the spot with another clean cloth. Once you’re done, soak a cloth in water and clean any residue.
  • Have your wool rug deep-cleaned by professional rug cleaners once a year.
  • Don’t use steam or hot water to clean your rug as it can shrink.
  • Get a rug pad and place it below your wool floor rug. The pad will give the rug a soft underfoot and help it withstand abrasions and damage

Wool & Silk

  • Vacuum your wool and silk rug with the beater bar in an “off” position to avoid damaging the pile and loops. Vacuum your rug every week to remove lint and maintain its luster. Also, vacuum the back of your rug at least once a year.
  • For water-based spills, pour water over the spot first. Use a dry cloth to blot liquid and rub the stain until it disappears. Let it dry after cleaning the spill. As for dry stains on your wool and silk area rug, start by rubbing the residue. Mix a little neutral-PH soap with water, then use a clean towel to apply the mixture. After that, rinse the area with water.
  • Have your rug professionally cleaned, especially if it gets persistent or oil-based stains.
  • Put a rug pad under your wool and silk rug so it doesn’t slip.
  • Rotate your rug every year.

Wool & Bamboo Silk

  • Remove any dirt or debris from your rug with your vacuum or broom. Be sure to vacuum or sweep toward the pile.
  • Press paper towels on stains so they can absorb excess liquids. You can also soak a paper towel in white vinegar and water, then dab it on the spot.
  • Don’t place your wool and bamboo silk rug in entryways, hallways, and other high-traffic areas in your home.
  • Don’t clean your wool and viscose rug with hot water. Hot water can cause your rug to lose its color.

Wool & Viscose

  • Don’t rub your wool and viscose rug while cleaning it. Remember to dry up the surface of the rug as well.
  • Keep your rug away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Dry it with a heater or blower instead.
  • If you see a stain on your rug, clean it immediately. Use a towel and a mild cleaning solution to remove the spot. When cleaning a tougher stain, apply rug cleaner to the spot. Dry the stain out with a towel, then clean your rug.
  • Don’t clean your wool and viscose rug with hot water. Hot water can cause your rug to lose its color.

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