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Luxury area rugs can help you create beautiful homes in more ways than one. Aside from protecting your hardwood floors, bespoke rugs can help you achieve your dream interior design.

Designer rugs are popular because they can easily add a hint of sophistication to any room. Similarly, if you want to spice up your home without needing extreme makeovers, it’s worth investing in colorful and exciting bespoke area rugs.

Hanging attractive oriental rugs on your plain walls will dress them up, while using them on your hard flooring can create a soft layer for your feet. Some designers even layer Persian rugs and oriental rugs to add depth to a rather dull space. Furthermore, you can change your carpets seasonally.

Do you happen to be a collection? Then consider an update to your home’s seasonal interior design with square area rugs that match the overall feel of the season. You can use thick and chunky round area rugs during the winter months and switch to lighter handmade rugs during the summer.

Besides giving you versatility, luxury area rugs also create visual pathways that make moving from one room to another more pleasing to the eyes. You can merge one room with another with suitable handmade rugs.

At our Cyrus Rugs rug store in Long Lake, Minnesota, we’ll introduce you to the vast world of designer rugs and help you find the perfect decor for your home. We offer collectors from around the city and beyond a wide range of carpets to browse, from bedroom area rugs to collector antique rugs.

Rug Style & Types

Cyrus Rugs offers you eight styles and types of elegant carpets with a vast collection of handmade rugs.

Traditional style

Traditional carpets are among the most desirable rug styles in the world. People worldwide have been using conventional rugs for several hundred years now, so there are thousands of designs and patterns to choose from.

Over time, traditional rugs have evolved from their initial ornate and intricate designs to accommodate more modern flourishes. This rug type will now often feature deep colors like maroon, black, red, and gold. They’re perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to your living room.

Environmentally-conscious collectors also love traditional rugs for their naturally-sourced materials. This type of carpet often uses sheep’s wool and vegetable dyes for its colors, which are less harmful to the environment.

If you want something timeless and can surpass today’s rapidly changing trends, traditional square area rugs are the perfect purchase!

Transitional rugs

Interior designers who want the best of modern and traditional styles love transitional carpets. This rug mixes classical and contemporary influences into one chic design, making it the perfect choice for undecided shoppers.

Thanks to its mellow color, a transitional carpet offers you a subtle design that can fit in almost any room palette. If you think your home feels dull or outdated, you can spice things up with transitional style round area rugs.

It doesn’t matter whether your existing motif is classic or rustic; the transitional style is versatile enough to blend into any design. It’s the perfect investment for someone who doesn’t want to fully commit to one specific type as it allows you to experiment with any aesthetic.

Tribal style

If you’re the type of homeowner who loves buying conversation-starter home decor, tribal carpets are for you. These gorgeous rugs are artistically handwoven by different nomadic tribes across the globe.

Each tribal design you see in the market today demonstrates a story unique to its weavers. Their intricate patterns represent the culture of their country of origin, making them a multidimensional art form that defines rug-making. Some patterns include flowers representing local women and animals native to their tribe.

Similar to traditional rugs, tribal carpets use naturally sourced materials and dyes. They are weaved through different techniques, making each rug unique. This carpet is perfect for homeowners who love modern-contemporary motifs.

They can add their personal touch to their home by picking out a tribal rug that speaks to their represents their personality. And unlike what most people think, there are tribal mats that feature neutral colors that you can use for a more subtle look.

Contemporary rugs

Thanks to their bold colors and fun patterns, contemporary style carpets are perfect for retro enthusiasts. If you want to create an art deco motif for your living room, then a modern rug is what you need.

While traditional styles elicit a sophisticated feel, contemporary designs are all about being bold. Homeowners who want to add a pop of exciting color to their homes look for a modern rug that matches their personality.

Incorporating contrasting colors and weird shapes can be a daunting task, but balance is the key to achieving the perfect motif. If most of your furniture is in a neutral color, you might need the help of a contemporary style carpet to tie things together.

Solid style

Using a base for a room’s entire motif is not a new technique. Some designers use furniture as their centerpiece, while others use solid-colored designer rugs.

As its name suggests, a solid style carpet features on single shade and exciting patterns. Many solid rugs use different textures, dyes, and tones to add more depth to their design. But generally speaking, the solid style highlights one color.

Interior designers love using solid carpets for open floor plans as it helps define their area or highlight certain pieces of furniture. For example, if you want to draw the eyes of your visitors to your coffee table, you need a solid, neutral-colored carpet to create a visual pathway.

Solid rugs provide homeowners with a blank canvas to work with as they please.

Stripe rugs

Stripes are timeless and versatile patterns that can dramatically transform any room depending on how they are applied. Depending on their size, color, and print, stripes can affect how a room looks or how the way light reflects your space.

For instance, you can layer stripes of different proportions to add more texture to your motif. Subdued lines are perfect for homeowners who want to add bold patterns to their homes without making things too overpowering to the eyes.

Simply put, a striped rug can help you elevate your home with ease.

Southwest style

Southwest rugs are one of the more recent trends in the interior design industry. These colorful carpets feature intricate patterns demonstrating Native American art and culture. And though the Native Americans used them as saddle blankets and cloaks, southwest rugs have become trendy decorative pieces in the country’s most stylish homes.

Like tribal rugs, southwest-style carpets share a story unique to their period of origin. Some variations created in the early carpet era have contrasting blues and white lines. At the same time, Chief’s blanket-style carpets from the early 19th century have straightforward horizontal patterns.

Some homeowners love hanging these colorful rugs along their hallway, making them great conversation-starters for their visitors. Additionally, they mix these rugs with various other themed home decors to create a contrast in their motif.

One of a kind rugs

Commonly referred to as antique rugs, one-of-a-kind carpets are tapestries created by ancient weavers around a hundred years ago. Variations of these rugs use traditional weaving techniques, with designs passed down from one generation to another.

Luxury rug stores like Cyrus Rugs have preserved these carpets with special care and attention to ensure it continues to age gracefully in the future. With high-quality naturally-sourced materials, these vintage rugs have stood the test of time and highlight some of the imperfections that made them unique from other carpets.

As the name suggests, each rug is one of a kind, and it’s challenging to find something similar to them. Some of Cyrus Rugs’ one-of-a-kind carpets came from different eras and countries across the globe.

Rug Brands & Designers

Cyrus Rugs have worked with various brand and designers across the globe to provide collectors from Long Lake with a wide selection of handmade rugs. Some of our brands and designers include:

  • Jaipur Living

  • Lapchi

  • Loloi

  • Ralph Lauren Home

  • Safavieh

  • Barbara Barry

  • Erbil Tezcan

  • James Tufenkian

  • Jenny Jones

  • Thomas O’ Brien

Long Lake collectors who want to purchase handmade artisan rugs that keep the old-age art of weaving alive can choose between the different varieties of carpets that Jaipur Living offers.

Lapchi, on the other hand, offers you custom rug solutions that fit your needs. For homeowners who want modern-looking mats made from well-established techniques, Loloi provides them with intricate textures and materials made to last.

Cyrus Rugs also offers pieces from well-loved designers like Thomas O'Brien, who experiment with vintage and modern designs if you want something more specific and unique. Collectors who want to try out different textures can try out some of Kevin Walz’s work.

Regardless of the look you want to achieve or the style you need, Cyrus Rugs’ vast inventory of luxury area rugs is here to help regardless of the look you want to achieve or the type you need!

Manufacturing & Weaving Methods

Our artisan carpets use different methods of manufacturing and weaving, including the following:

  • Hand knotting

  • Flat weaving

  • Hand looming

  • Hand tufting

Collectors who want plush and durable rugs can choose between our many hand-knotted products with excellent materials and high-quality craftsmanship. Cyrus Rugs also offers flatwoven carpets, perfect for those who want lightweight and easy-to-care-for pieces.

We also have handloom rugs famous for their durability and longevity. This type of carpet is soft and comfortable for the feet, making them the perfect choice for those who have hardwood flooring.

Rug Colors & Decorating Tips

Cyrus Rugs have carefully selected products in various color palettes, from deep blues to black and white area rugs. Our color selection includes the following:

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Red

  • Gold and yellow

  • Brown

  • Orange

  • White

  • Black

Suppose you plan on pairing your modern minimalistic motif with a rug. In that case, you need to find something with vibrant color palettes and intricate patterns like Persian rugs to create an exciting contrast to the eyes. If you want to stick to a monochrome look, you can purchase a textured and neutral-colored carpet to add more depth to the room.

Collectors who want to spruce up their dull walls can choose from our wide selection of tribal rugs. And if you have earth-tone furniture, you can always purchase a carpet that features colors like oranges and muted yellows.

Maximalist homeowners can experiment with bold patterns and vibrant color schemes to bring their dream motif to life. You can make your rug the centerpiece of your living space or pair your eclectic furniture with a more muted carpet.

Our designers believe that balance is key to achieving a chic and elegant home. With our help, you can achieve your dream home.

Companies & Homes Served in Long Lake MN

Cyrus Rugs is here to serve collectors and rug enthusiasts from Long Lake, Minnesota. We can help you find the perfect home decor for your needs with our wide selection of artisan rugs!

Long Lake is home to Fortune 500 companies, including UnitedHealth Group, Target, Best Buy, and 3M. The area is also home to other thriving local businesses such as supplies distributor Fastenal and medical supplier Patterson Cos. Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy area rugs in Long Lake, MN?

Cyrus Rug proudly serves enthusiasts and collectors in Long Lake, MN. Our extensive collection of luxury area rugs is here to help you find the perfect home decor for your style.

You can visit our website for more information or look at our collection yourself by visiting our Bloomington showroom.

How to store Persian rugs?

To preserve the condition of your new Persian rugs, you should store them properly. Damages caused by insect infestation, fade, and mildew could ruin a beautiful antique carpet.

Find a dry area away from the sunlight. Place your Persian carpet in a high place instead of leaving it on the floor. You can use a dehumidifier to help reduce the moisture, and should your storage space have windows; blinds can keep the sunlight away from your rug.

How to get wrinkles out of an area rug?

There are various ways you can remove wrinkles from your area rug. For example, carpets with larger fibers need beauty tools like a comb and a blow dryer.

In other instances, you can use steam to get rid of stubborn creases. Ensure that your carpet doesn’t have synthetic material like nylon that could melt when exposed to high heat.

Additionally, you can use ice cubes to straighten out dents. Before putting any ice cube on your rug, ensure that their dyes won’t bleed when they are wet. If your furniture causes wrinkles, you need to rotate and shift your carpet around regularly.

Can I store my wool rug in my unheated garage?

Certain materials like wool need extra care when stored, and wool carpets can absorb unwanted moisture that could cause dry rot damage. And places such as garages and basements wherein moisture moves constantly are not ideal for them.

Wool rugs must be stored in a dry place, away from any moisture.

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Quality products meet world-class customer service at Cyrus Artisan Rugs. A visit to our showroom proves to be a feast for your senses as we redefine the shopping experience. Aside from feeling the texture of our area rug for your home, you have every opportunity to examine their true colors under natural light. Large skylights lined above the ceiling ensure the showroom is always aptly illuminated for your benefit.

The hardwood flooring, too, is designed with guests in mind. The expansive space provides enough room to lay out multiple area rugs at once, allowing you to easily compare home carpets and see how they look side-by-side. If you’re a local client, enjoy the privileges of our “Try Before You Buy” program. Pick out your favorite artisan rug from the store and temporarily bring it home to Saint Paul. This way, you can see exactly how it blends into your house before committing to making the purchase.

Having trouble finding the perfect carpet? Feel free to consult one of our in-house design experts or craft it yourself with our custom rug program. Illustrate your idea and we’ll send it to our master weavers for production. You can customize everything down to the rug’s fibers, colors, and dimensions to guarantee the end product is to your liking. Shop vintage, oriental area rugs.

Owning artisan area rugs is an investment but also a lot of maintenance. At the Minnesota Cyrus Rugs showroom, we offer the best rug services in Saint Paul onsite. We have experienced staff to clean, repair, and restore your carpets to its former glory. Delight as your worn out pieces return good as new after our experts tackle its problem areas with the right tools and techniques.You can also bring your antique carpets to be evaluated at the store. Our appraisers can tell you the value of your area rug, as well as its age and origins. Choose your area rug from a wide selection of brands for your living area.

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