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A rug is an excellent addition to any space, whether it's for commercial or residential purposes. Keeping in mind the different atmospheres it can create, it's possible to transform any interior with a good quality carpet.

You do so by following the basic rules of color psychology. On top of that, you'll want to evaluate your room's size versus the rug's size. These factors are crucial in your selection process.

Furthermore, it's necessary to have a wide range of choices when picking a carpet. If you're looking for rugs for your Chanhassen home, you can't go wrong with Cyrus Artisan Rugs. We have an extensive carpet inventory for you to browse.

Designer rugs, handmade rugs, bespoke rugs, and antique rugs–we got them all. Moreover, our pieces are made by award-winning designers who have been in the industry for years.

Erbil Tezcan, Barbara Barry, and Ralph Lauren are among them. We're also in partnership with well-known brands like Lapchi and Jaipur Living.

If you're interested in seeing these rugs yourself, our showroom is in Bloomington. Otherwise, you can always look through our collection online.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs is here to help you acquire the best and most comfortable carpet for your lovely abode.

Our Rug Types and Styles

Cyrus Artisan Rugs carries as many as eight main rug styles. These styles range from tribal to transitional and traditional to contemporary. We've even got one-of-a-kind rugs you won't find anywhere else.

Our tribal rugs originated from nomadic and semi-nomadic people from different regions of Iran and Afghanistan. The appeal of these carpets comes from the culture and tradition they embody.

Interior designers often use this type in combination with modern interior design. For instance, a gaming room filled with movie memorabilia and scale statues can benefit from an off-white tribal rug. The contrast of the modern fixtures and the tribal motifs of the rug is a feast for the eyes.

Meanwhile, our traditional rugs originated from Persian, Oriental, and other cultures from the past. Thanks to their bold colors and intricate designs, these oriental rugs can transform a room into a sophisticated space.

When paired with warm wood and bronze décor, these Persian and Oriental rugs are at their most beautiful. You can accent your crystal sculptures, chandeliers, still-life paintings, and luxurious draperies using these handmade rugs.

Contemporary rugs are far from what tribal and traditional carpets are. These pieces often depict designs and motifs of today, from pop culture icons, to nostalgic fashion and the latest trends. Combine this rug with eclectic furniture to bring out its unique composition. You can also hang it as tapestry if you want to showcase your luxury contemporary rug in a different way. Either way, contemporary rugs are for those who want to add a bit of style and playfulness to a room.

Transitional rugs are different in that they carry elements from traditional and contemporary carpets. The result is a versatile piece that can complement almost any room.

It can have intricate designs for a sophisticated feel but leave off a border that makes it less formal. Transitional rugs are great for relaxation spaces like a nursery or home library. Combine them with white curtains, clean furniture, and plenty of natural light for a more soothing atmosphere.

Our solid texture rug is for you if you're planning to put a carpet in high-traffic areas. These are incredibly durable carpets, thanks to their materials and tight weaving patterns.

For rooms with limited space, our stripe rugs can help. It does this by using optical illusions to make the room appear bigger. You can further intensify the effect by choosing cool gray or soft black colors.

Try our southwestern rug collection if you're into rustic and wild west vibes. Neutral-colored furniture with minimal prints works well with this type as they can make the room light and airy. You'll also want to install southwestern rugs into cabins and patios to maximize their effect.

Lastly, we have one-of-a-kind rugs. These are custom-order pieces created depending on the specifications provided by the customer. You won't find anything like these tailor-made carpets in the market today.

Rug Brands and Designers

Our rug collection includes carpets from award-winning designers. These creative masters reflect their experience and passion into their pieces that make the carpets unique.

James Tufenkian, for instance, doesn't have a background in rug making. During his travels, he met rug master craftsman Tsetan Guyrman. Together, they created Tufenkian Carpets and are producing some of the best rugs on the market today.

Tufenkian's rugs vary depending on the trend and market demand. He previously said that he isn't in the market to express himself. Instead, he monitors what the customers want and creates his carpets around those desires.

He also stated that he tends to mix up his designs to keep everything fresh and appealing to keep himself creative and innovative. What he likes most about rug creation is the construction and production of the carpets.

Barbara Barry is all about tapping into her creative side when she's designing her pieces. Her Celestial fabric collection is a fine example. As the name suggests, these were inspired by the Milky Way and her doodles from her early days. Barry is also a huge fan of gradation, and she uses it to calm the mind and bring relaxation to a space.

Like Tufenkian, Kevin Walz also didn't come from a rug background. However, his education in fine arts allowed him to create beautiful carpets that won him numerous accolades. He's quite attentive when it comes to lights, tones, colors, and textures.

Walz said that his style is a mix of forward-thinking and past designs. He's also particular about the culture he's working with. Silk, wool, linen, cashmere – Walz can do it all.

Here are the other designers in our inventory:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Erbil Tezcan
  • Jenny Jones
  • Clodagh
  • Thomas O'Brien
  • Kavi
  • Mark Pollack

Cyrus Rugs also carries carpets from brands like Nourison, Safavieh, and other luxury brands. Nourison is a family-run rug business operating for over 40 years. It's well known for creating custom rugs using its broadloom innovation. Moreover, the company also caters to the hospitality industry and other upscale commercial markets.

Safavieh is older than Nourison, having opened its doors in 1914. If you're into antique rugs, you can never go wrong with Safavieh. For design, the company carefully monitors the couture clothing industry to see which style is trending.

Here are our other rug partners:

  • Jaipur Living
  • Lapchi
  • Loloi Rugs
  • Tamarian
  • Tufenkian
  • Tibet Rug Company
  • Samad
  • Wool & Silk Rugs

Manufacturing and Weaving Methods

These are some of the weave types that the rugs in our inventory have:

  • Flat-woven
  • Hand-knotted
  • Hand-tufted
  • Hand-loomed
  • Machine-loomed
  • Power-loomed

Our power- and machine-loomed rugs are reasonably priced, making them ideal options if you're on a budget. Even with their budget-friendly price tag, they're meticulously designed with natural materials and synthetic fibers. On the other hand, the flat-woven rugs in our collection are lighter, reversible, and easy to clean because of their low-density fibers.

The most luxurious and fashionable carpets in our inventory are the hand-knotted rugs. They are handcrafted by skilled artisans using millions of knots that make the composition pop out. When properly taken care of, they can last multiple generations.

Colors and Decorating Tips

Every rug has a unique ability to bring a certain ambiance to a room. Thus, the first thing you'll need to do when choosing a carpet is to determine what vibe the room needs to represent. In this instance, color psychology is incredibly crucial.

So let's say you're planning to put the rug in the living room. Warm colors like red and orange are ideal if you want the space to feel more inviting and filled with energy. You can use bold red rugs to make the living room more conducive to conversation and welcoming guests.

You'll also want to pattern or order your colors in such a way that will suit your preferred aesthetic. You can use a warm color scheme as your base and have varying shades of crimson and rose reds if you want a more intense feel for your room. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, you can go for muted tones or darker shades of color, which will affect your rug and furniture choice for the space.

For bedroom area rugs, you'd want something in the shade of blue. Blue area rugs can lower your blood pressure and slow down your heart rate. Settle for lighter shades like sky blue or arctic blue for a calming effect. If you opt for a bolder hue like navy blue or admiral blue, it gives off a cool feeling of serenity and relaxation.

Meanwhile, yellow rugs are perfect for areas that don't get enough natural light. They can instantly brighten shady spots like a dark hallway and bring joy and optimism to the space.

Apart from color psychology, you also need to know the dimensions of your room to see what rug will fit it best. Avoid placing long and oversized rugs in small rooms, as it will only make the space look cramped and cluttered.

Instead, get round area rugs to create that additional layer and dimension to your room without taking up too much space. You can choose bold and elegant colors to add contrast to a minimalist space, or use neutral rugs to balance out vibrant rooms and decor.

Companies and Homes Served in Chanhassen, MN

Are you looking for rugs in Chanhassen, MN, for residential or commercial purposes? Cyrus Artisan Rugs has you covered. Our rug store has a wide selection of different Persian rugs, antique rugs, bespoke area rugs, and luxury area rugs, to name a few.

Chanhassen, MN is home to Prairie View Elementary School, Eden Prairie High School, and Central Middle School. Thriving businesses like The Battered Spoon, Tequila Butcher, and Dairy Queen Grill & Chill call the town home.

Want to see the collection in person? You can drop by our showroom in Bloomington. Otherwise, feel free to check out our inventory on our website instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy rugs in Chanhassen, MN?

If you're looking for rugs in Chanhassen, MN, you can choose from our collection at our Bloomington showroom. Cyrus Artisan Rugs carries carpets made by award-winning designers like Erbil Tezcan, Kevin Walz, and Ralph Lauren. You can personally see these pieces in our Bloomington showroom or browse the collection online.

Do you have a trial period for your rugs?

Yes. Our “Try-Before-You-Buy” program lets you take home sample swatches of your chosen piece. You'll be able to try these out in your home to see if it complements your dècor and furniture.

Don't like the way it looks? Send them back to us, and we'll be happy to give you a different sample. We're always ready to help you find the perfect rug for your space.

Do you have a rug rental service?

Yes. We collaborate with photographers, realtors, and set designers for their projects. Even event organizers rent our rugs for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Want to rent a rug from us? Drop us a line so we can reserve the rug of your choice. Don't miss out.

How often should I clean my rugs?

We recommend vacuuming your rug twice a week to prevent any form of build-up. Increase this to thrice a week for carpets placed in high-traffic areas like the hallways or living room. If you live with furry household pets, you should vacuum your rugs daily. Hair and dander can quickly gather in the rug's nooks and crannies, leading to insect infestations and allergies.

Do you have a rug cleaning service?

Yes, Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers a professional cleaning service. We can transform your old rug as if you just bought it yesterday. We'll start by evaluating your rug for any signs of damage. We'll perform the necessary improvements on any imperfections we find. Otherwise, we'll go straight to the first step of the cleaning process.

We begin cleaning by soaking the rug in pH-balanced water using our unique solution. Next, we'll scrub your carpet to remove deep-seated dirt from the fibers. Finally, we'll rinse and place it inside a room with state-of-the-art climate technology to dry it properly.

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