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Decorate your home with timeless masterpieces and shop for handmade rugs at Cyrus Artisan Rugs. For over three decades, we've provided designer rugs and Oriental carpets for homeowners, interior designers, collectors, and carpet enthusiasts worldwide. We boast a vast collection of rugs of different styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns from internationally recognized designers and manufacturers. Our inventory also includes our private label pieces.

The Cyrus Artisan Rugs showroom has over 15,000 square feet of space and features a vast selection of area rugs. Our inventory has over 5,000 artisan rugs for sale, including traditional, contemporary, transitional, and tribal rugs. We also offer runner rugs, oversized rugs, antique rugs, vintage distressed rugs, and Morrocan-style rugs. 

Visit our showroom in Bloomington to see our prized pieces in person. Our showroom allows natural lighting to enter so you can fully appreciate their remarkable designs. You'll also see the intricate craftsmanship that goes into weaving each piece. You can even brush your fingers through our rugs and feel how soft and silky they are.

Your interior space deserves only the best decor. Get world-class handmade rugs from Cyrus Artisan Rugs and see how it can improve the look of your space.

Our Rug Styles & Types

Do you need an area rug to complete the look of your household, office, or commercial space? We cater to the needs of customers in Deephaven, MN and offer different area rug styles and types. Whether you want to achieve a modern, rustic, minimalist, or Scandinavian-designed space, there is a rug in our inventory for you.

Traditional rugs are exquisite masterpieces with a classic appeal. These versatile rugs can fit in any interior, whether contemporary or traditional. One look at the rug will show its eye-catching use of borders, medallions, and floral elements.

If you're looking for a rug that takes inspiration from the past and present, we've got you covered. Our Minnesota inventory carries contemporary rugs that feature innovative design elements. Our rugs feature traditional motifs that still manage to look trendy since they use bold and vivid colors. These free-form design styles make our contemporary rugs one-of-a-kind.

On the other hand, if you want to add an artful blend of modern and classic designs, you may want to consider buying a transitional rug. This rug style combines vintage color schemes with present-day design elements. Finally, you can bring different tribal design elements into your home with a tribal rug. Many of these pieces are inspired by countries like Turkey and Iran and continents like Asia and Europe.

Rug Brands & Designers

Cyrus Artisan Rugs carries various area rugs from the highly renowned brands and designers. Our collection includes pieces from highly regarded designers such as James Tufenkian, Ralph Lauren, and Erbil Tezcan. 

Tufenkian rugs, in particular, are made with superior care. The brand's unique approach to rug making creates rugs bursting with stunning colors. These types of pieces are recognized for their dynamic designs that are abstract, geometric, and inspired by nature. Moreover, Tufenkian is a brand that is committed to social responsibility and provides support to underprivileged communities.

When it comes to Ralph Lauren rugs, the brand offers rugs that reflect the appeal of its high-quality American apparel since 1967. Even though the brand is known for its signature polo shirts, it also takes pride in its magnificent area rugs. Each piece depicts America's rich heritage as seen through its timeless, classic rugs.

Meanwhile, our Erbil Teczan rugs are created by the award-winning designer, Erbil Tezcan. His rugs feature classic motifs and are made from premium quality materials. Each piece reflects his incomparable artistic touch. But most importantly, the origin of an Erbil Tezcan rug makes it truly remarkable — each piece is inspired by the culture of Turkey.

We've also worked with other designers to bring you world-class rugs:

  • Barbara Barry
  • Clodagh
  • Jenny Jones
  • Kavi
  • Kevin Walz
  • Thomas O'Brien
  • Mark Pollack

We also carry exquisite pieces from different rug brands such as Nourison, Samad, and Safavieh.

Nourison is a top supplier of area rugs, broadloom carpets, and home accessories. These rugs are highly coveted pieces and their designs range from traditional and symmetrical to modern and abstract.

Designers from Nepal, Turkey, and India all help create a Samad rug. These rugs showcase extreme attention to detail and are set apart by their unparalleled class and sophistication. Made from stain-resistant silk and wool, they result in durable and comfortable rugs that will last in the years to come. Moreover, the brand is well-known for recreating classic nineteenth-century Persian rugs. These rugs feature chic patterns and can help add a rustic charm to your space.

We also carry pieces from these other rug brands:

  • Jaipur Living
  • Lapchi
  • Tamarian
  • Tibet Rug Company
  • Kalaty
  • Wool & Silk Rugs
  • Loloi

Aside from our partnership with rug brands, we also carry pieces from our in-house brand. These one-of-a-kind rugs uphold the highest standards of quality, from the material used to its meticulous hand-knotting process.

Incorporate the unique beauty of our rugs into your space. Take a closer look at the hard work put into every piece and see how each one will beautify your home.

Manufacturing & Weaving Methods

Crafting rugs is a centuries-old practice that has been passed down from generation to generation. Over the years, our ancestors have developed different rug weaving methods. Apart from weaving these rugs by hand, for instance, some can be created using machines and specialized tools.

Here are the most popular rug-weaving and manufacturing methods:

  • Hand-knotted
  • Flat-woven
  • Hand-loomed
  • Hand-tufted
  • Power-loomed
  • Machine-loomed

The most common weaving technique is hand-knotting, which creates durable piles. Since they are handmade, a lot of meticulous craftsmanship goes into making these rugs. Moreover, a lot of dedication is required because hand-knotted rugs can take a few months to up to a year to finish. But even though production can take a while, the finished product can stand the test of time as long as it receives the right care.

Flat-woven rugs, on the other hand, are different from your standard rugs because they have no pile. Instead, these rugs have vertical and horizontal fibers interlaced with each other. They are lightweight, foldable, easy to move, and almost maintenance-free. Creating these rugs involves using the Soumak technique which results in tapestry-like weaves.

Skilled artisans hand-tuft rugs using a combination of manual labor and mechanical tools. The process is simple: creating these rugs starts with punching strands of fibers into a frame using a hand-operated tool then removing them from the frame to create a backing. In turn, the backing holds the threads into place to prevent the tangling of rug fibers.

Aside from our prized hand-made rugs, we also carry machine-made rugs that are either power or machine-loomed. A computer-controlled machine pre-determines their designs, colors, and patterns. These pieces are generally more affordable than other rugs because it doesn't require a lot of manual labor and can be finished in a few days.

Designer Area Rug Colors & Decorating Tips

Apart from its designer and materials, the rug's color also plays a huge role in deciding what rug to buy. Some people prefer single colored rugs, for instance, while others want rugs in multiple hues. Our Minnesota rug inventory carries rugs of different colors to suit your taste. 

The colors on these rugs aren't completely random, either. Since colors evoke specific feelings, they have to be meticulously chosen. For example, blue is soothing and calm, while red is dramatic and bold. On the other hand, Green represents new opportunities and prosperity, while yellow is associated with the sun. Some colors are combined to highlight details on the rug such as its borders.

We offer neutral-colored, multicolored, and monochromatic rugs. Neutral-colored rugs make excellent backdrops for highlighting furnishings and other decorative ornaments, while a multicolored rug can serve as the focal point in your room.

Check out these tips and ideas you can follow to maximize the effect of your area rug:

  • Make small spaces look bigger with a light-colored rug. Dark-colored rugs, on the other hand, can make areas feel more homey.
  • Don't limit yourself to placing a rug on the floor. A rug can be a great decorative ornament when hung on a wall, for instance.
  • Rugs are available in various shapes and sizes. We offer rectangular, square, oval, round, runner, and oversized rugs. 
  • Before you buy a rug, measure the dimensions of your space. To better visualize how big the rug will look like in your space, you can place tape on your floor to mark the edges of the rug you plan to buy. 
  • If you're choosing a rectangular rug, keep its longer side parallel to your longer sides of your  wall for a more consistent look.
  • Layer your rugs to add depth and texture to your room. A neutral-colored rug, for example, can instantly call attention to a vibrant rug placed on top of it.
  • Add a cushion of comfort to your feet by placing your rug on hardwood floors. This can, in turn, protect the floor from scratches and marks.

Companies & Homes Served in Deephaven, MN

Deephaven is a small city in Minnesota that takes great pride in the success of actress and writer Marisa Coughlan and single-handed yachtsman Mike Plant. Thorpe Park is a notable landmark with a playground, walking trails, and many open spaces. Deephaven is also a well-known destination for its beautiful beaches. Have fun under the sun when you go to Deephaven Beach, Robinson's Bay Beach, and Sandy Beach the next time you go to Deephaven.

The city is also home to various educational institutions like the Deephaven Elementary School. The public school offers early up to high school education and specialty programs, including computer science, coding, language immersion, and music options.

If you want to see our luxury rugs yourself, you can visit our showroom in Bloomington. But if you can't, you can always buy our area rugs online and have them delivered to your location. Cyrus Artisan Rugs is your one-stop rug shop. We offer handmade rugs that can complete your home, office, or commercial space. Our collection of rugs are available in different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Apart from selling rugs, we also offer various rug services:

  • Our rug customization program lets you create your own rug to meet your preferences. 
  • We offer rug cleaning services in Minnesota to help maintain the quality of your rugs. We can also repair damages to extend the lifespan of your rugs. Our staff can fix tears, rips, stains, and other related issues.
  • If you're looking for rugs for short-term use (like a celebration), you may opt for our carpet rental services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should an area rug be?

The rug size you'll get depends on the size of the room you're placing it in. A 6x9 rug, for example, will work best in a smaller living room. Meanwhile, an 8x10 rug can complement a large bedroom with a king or queen-size bed and end tables. You can also get runners for your kitchen, hallway, and other small sections in your home.

Where can I buy area rugs?

Our store offers artisan area rugs in various sizes for your home or office space. You can get any available rug from our website or customize a rug for a more personal touch. If you've ordered online or commissioned a custom rug, we'll ship your order to your home or office in Deephaven, MN.

Can you put an area rug over the carpet?

If you're decorating your carpeting with rugs, you can place it over a carpet. You'll still need to consider several factors when decorating in this way. Look at the texture, size, color, and pattern of the rug that you'll be putting over your carpeting. And finally, make sure you've anchored your rug to the carpet as you use it.

How do I keep my area rug from sliding?

Several items and methods can help you keep your rug in place. You can get rug pads made of rubber or felt or use a gripper or double-sided carpet tape. You can also use loop anchors and silicone caulking to prevent sliding. As for rugs on wall-to-wall carpeting, rug pins are your best bet.

How do I clean an area rug?

Vacuum both sides of your area rug to remove any dirt. Then, test your rug cleaner on a small patch of the rug to see if its colors will fade. Once you've ensured that the cleaner works for your rug, apply it and let it sit for several minutes. After that, hose off the rug and remove excess water with a squeegee. Let your rug dry, then vacuum or brush it.

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