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Feel and indulge in timeless masterpieces when you shop for handmade rugs and carpets at Cyrus Artisan Rugs. For over three decades, we've provided our discerning clientele with a vast, carefully curated, and ever-growing selection of luxury area rugs and Oriental carpets. We cater to interior designers, trendsetting homeowners, serious buyers, and architects from around the world.

Experience a feast for the senses when you visit the Cyrus Artisan Rugs showroom in Bloomington, Minnesota. At our 15,000 square feet showroom, we showcase our ever-expanding collection of artisan area rugs from different parts of the world and the most cutting-edge designers.

Our showroom features many skylights for abundant natural lighting and optimal space with beautiful hardwood flooring. Whether you're looking for Persian rugs, designer rugs, and oriental rugs in Minnesota, our impressive selection is guaranteed to match your refined tastes.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs places a premium on quality, authenticity, and client satisfaction above all else. We guarantee excellent customer service and the best assortment of artisan rugs for homeowners in Rochester, Minnesota. Our in-house staff of professional design experts will provide more information on each piece and help you choose the right bespoke rugs to enliven your interior space.

Aside from residential clients, we can also serve companies headquartered in Rochester, MN, such as 3M, BestBuy, Target, UnitedHealth Group, Mayo Clinic, IBM, Hormel, and BestBuy. The location is recognized for landmarks such as the 1928 Plummer Building, the University of Minnesota Rochester, and Rochester Art Center.

Luxury Rug Styles & Types in Rochester, MN

Need luxury rugs to grace your Rochester, MN, home living space, office, or commercial space? A wide selection of area rug styles and types await you at the Cyrus Artisan Rugs showroom in Bloomington, MN. We offer contemporary, traditional, transitional, and tribal artisan luxury rugs.

Contemporary area rugs look great in most modern homes as they reflect current tastes. These handknotted rugs are all about innovation, with overhauled color palettes, remixed traditional motifs, and the introduction of new designs being the norm.

If you want to adorn your living space with something more conventional, our carefully curated selection of Rochester, MN, traditional designer rugs would fit the bill. Handcrafted using time-honored rug weaving techniques, we source our traditional luxury rugs & carpets from all the major production centers in the Rug Belt, including Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Nepal.

If you're looking for area rugs that artfully blend traditional and modern design elements, consider investing in a transitional rug. This rug style complements a wide array of interior design styles, including industrial, minimalist, and contemporary rug styles.

But if you're more drawn to bold patterns and colors, as well as handwoven rugs with distinct cultural motifs, you'll appreciate our collection of tribal hand-knotted rugs. Many of the designs on these carpets are inspired by the traditions of Turkey and Central Asia's nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes.

As for rug types, consider adorning your Rochester, MN, home with different rug style options. We carry a wide range of runner rugs, oversize rugs, antique rugs, Moroccan rugs, and vintage distressed rugs. Runner rugs go well in hallways, foyers, kitchens, and other spaces where conventional area rugs won't fit. As for expansive areas, like open-plan apartments and galleries, consider breaking up these spaces with large area rugs of varying sizes.

Heirloom carpets are great for adding warmth and artistry to your interior space. Cyrus Artisan Rugs maintains a selection of antique rugs and carpets for our Twin Cities Minnesota clientele, including antique Persian and antique Persian Heriz carpets. The latter is renowned for its elaborate designs, which are often centered around diamond-shaped medallions.

Moroccan bespoke rugs boast dynamic color palettes, textures, and bold, geometric motifs—characteristics that have made them very popular with discerning collectors. These carpets come in multiple variations, from Azilal to Rabat (R'Bati) rugs. Each Moroccan rug style showcases different themes: the Beni Ourain, for instance, has a timeless and minimalistic look. Some Moroccan carpets sport colorful designs, which would brighten any subdued interior space.

Rug Designers & Brands in Rochester, MN

Cyrus Artisan Rugs carries a varied selection of Rochester, Minnesotaarea rugs and carpets from the most highly regarded brands and designers. The designers we carry include Barbara Barry, James Tufenkian, Kavi, Kevin Walz, and Thomas O'Brien. Some of the brands we carry include our very own collections, Jaipur Living, Lapchi, Kalaty, Loloi, and Tamarian.

If you're going for a specific style, our featured brands and designers have pieces that will suit your design needs. Jaipur Living rugs combine functionality with art, while Lapchi carpets fill your home with warmth and soul.

Meanwhile, Safavieh has a huge range of styles, from area rugs that are perfect for Rochester, MN, homeowners who want to own traditional Persian rugs, as well as trendy machine-made rugs. Placing some Nourison rugs can create a Bohemian look, while others have a more formal style. Tibet Rug Company pieces highlight Tibetan craftsmanship.

Other rug brands we love include Wool and Silk, Kalaty, and Samad. As with Tamarian, Wool and Silk makes exquisite Tibetan rugs. The contemporary designs found in the brand's hand-knotted pieces work well in casual homes and modern interiors. We also have Kalaty's rugs with soft, vivid color combinations to help you express your style and creativity.

And for an elegant look, Kalaty's traditional and transitional carpets are excellent choices. The brand uses premium bamboo silk, resulting in textured, silky area rugs. Samad rugs stand out as well, with their dramatic color combinations and striking patterns. Whether they be designer rugs for your bedroom, living room, dining room, or outdoor space, Cyrus Artisan Rugs has a wide variety to choose from.

From Ralph Lauren to Erbil Tezcan, the carpet world's most celebrated visionaries are well-represented in our inventory. These designers create stand-alone pieces and collaborate with top rug brands and manufacturers.

Marvel at Ralph Lauren's exotic patterns, graphic motifs, and vivid colors, or shop for a unique, hand-knotted Tufenkian rug. Incorporate the unique aesthetics and craftsmanship of these designers into your living space when you purchase an artisan rug from Cyrus Artisan Rugs.

Rug Manufacturing/Weaving Methods

Our carpet inventory consists of handmade and machine-made rugs, with craftsmen using various methods to produce the finished pieces.

Here are the most popular rug-weaving and manufacturing methods:


People value hand-knotted rugs because of their thorough details and the craftsmanship of traditional knotting methods. Made from wool, silk, and other natural materials, the hand-knotted area rugs in our Bloomington, Minnesota showroom are durable investments for homeowners and will stand the test of time if properly cared for. These carpets have fine textures, clear designs, and vivid colors.

Flat-woven rugs are different from hand-knotted ones as they have no pile. They're almost maintenance-free, foldable, and reversible. The Soumak weave is one technique that flat weave artisans use in creating these area rugs. These carpets are ideal for home designs that require more textures and are great additions to boho, farmhouse, and cozy cabin décor.

Our rug collection includes hand-loomed and hand-tufted rugs. Producing hand-loomed rugs requires attention to detail. With unique lateral weaving techniques, these designer rugs offer excellent quality, texture, and design.

Because hand-tufted rugs have the yarns secured into place with adhesive covered by cotton backing, they are thicker with a dense pile, resulting in a soft and comfy feel underfoot. They also feature a variety of motifs, from vibrant to striped patterns.

You can even get machine-made pieces for your home. Power and machine-loomed rugs comprise these types of artisan carpets. Similar to handmade area rugs, manufacturers do produce machine-made carpets using natural materials but more often use very affordable synthetic fibers like polyester. Using machines allows carpet companies to create new renditions of traditional rugs and fashion-forward pieces.

Rug Colors & Decorating Tips

Color-wise, the area rugs found in our inventory are as varied as their origins. We carry colorful area rugs, rugs that follow a single color theme, as well as subdued monochrome rugs.

Interesting to note the history of colors in rugs over hundreds of years. The colors chosen in rug designs often carry symbolic meaning. The rare green shade in Persian rugs symbolizes hope, life, spring, and renewal. Red represents passion and a fiery nature, while blue represents power, honesty, and solitude.

Goldmixed with brown symbolizes wealth, power, and prestige. Persian rugs meant for royalty or affluent families were gold-colored, and the costliest had gold threads. Yellow denotes radiance, happiness, and energy.

Brown and black hues are also present in our rug collection. Brown represents Mother Earth and fertility. Artisans got the color from tree bark and walnuts and used it in the earliest carpet designs. Black was a rare color for rug weavers to use in full motifs or fields, but they would create outlines and borders with the shade.

Rust hues are another popular color in rugs. Red, orange, and brown shades combine to create rust shades. From caramel to coral to pumpkin, these tones add depth and warmth to a room. Or turn the dial a bit towards eggplant and purple. We even carry fuschia, pink and violet-colored carpets if you're after an eccentric, vivid hue. Cyrus Artisan Rugs carries the full spectrum of colors.

You may prefer vivid solid colors or fresh neutral-colored rugs, or you might want multi-color and patterned contemporary rugs in your home. Multi-colored rugs could function as a statement piece in rooms with subdued colors and furnishings, while neutral modern rugs could add balance to rooms with colorful and boldly-patterned walls and furnishings.

An artisan rug from Cyrus can work wonders for your space. Our custom rugs can visually tie everything in your room together, completing the design. They can also anchor and define your space, make it warmer, and layer its décor.

Here are tips and ideas you can follow to get the most out of your area rug:

  • Base your room's color scheme on a specific carpet.
  • Paint your walls in the same hue as one of your area rug's accent colors for contrast. This effect makes the carpet your space's focal point.
  • Complement elaborately patterned upholstery or wallpaper with a more subdued rug, or match busier or stronger patterns to relatively subtle walls and upholstery for a more interesting room.
  • Light-colored rugs turn small spaces into larger areas, and dark-colored pieces bring the eye in to make your room and its décor more intimate.
  • Place your rug or carpet on wood, tiles, or other hard surfaces to make the surface look warmer or softer.
  • Consider alternate shapes to rectangular area rugs, such as round, square, or oval. Sometimes a different carpet shape may work best with your living space. If you're eyeing a square, round, or oval rug, you'll find one at our Minnesota showroom near Rochester.
  • Size is an important factor in rug shopping. Get the right-sized carpet with these tips:
    • Measure your room.
    • If you're choosing between rug sizes, pick the larger option.
    • Make sure your carpet relates well to your room's size and properly defines the seating area or other furniture settings.
    • Visualize how your rug will fit in your space. Once you've measured the area, mark it with painter's tape so you can “see” the final look.
  • Consider placing different sized carpets in your room for some variety.
  • Give your room an overhaul between seasons by switching rugs.
  • Use a rug pad for your carpet. This item can help keep your area rug from slipping or creeping. If you're buying a pad, ensure it fits your floor type and size.

Artisan Rugs Made for Your Rochester Home

For quality handmade area rugs, look no further than Cyrus Artisan Rugs. Other services we offer our clients in Rochester, Minnesota, include expert area rug cleaning, rug repair and restoration, rug appraisals, rug rentals, and our custom rug program.

Make an appointment with us if you would like to appraise your carpets first-hand in our Bloomington showroom. You can also order carpets for delivery to your Rochester home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a runner rug?

Runner rugs are long, narrow carpets placed in high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways. These rugs are often rectangular and serve as accent pieces. Runner rugs and carpets help protect areas with high foot traffic. They can also breathe more life into narrow spaces.

What size is a runner rug available in?

Runner rugs are longer than conventional area rugs and carpets. Since these rugs are often placed in narrow areas, they tend to be longer. Most runner rugs can either be 2x8 or 2x10 in size. Custom runner carpets, on the other hand, can fit any type of room layout. Other than our 9x12 area rugs in Rochester, MN, we have various sizes of runner rugs for you to choose from.

Where can I use runner rugs?

As mentioned, runner rugs are ideal accent pieces in high-traffic areas like walkways and hallways. But you can also keep them in more intimate parts of your home, like your bedroom. For example, you can place smaller runner rugs on either side of your bed to make your room more cozy.

Staircases and other areas with hardwood flooring will benefit from runner rugs because they soften the sound of footsteps, prevent slips, and add a layer of protection to the floor. Kitchen runner rugs are also ideal since they add character and prevent slips. You can also use bathroom rugs to prevent slips and falls on wet floors.

How do you get bumps out of area rugs?

Bumps may appear when the fibers and yarns of the carpet are bent or stretched. To get rid of wrinkles, bumps, curls, and dents, roll it in reverse. After a day, unroll the rug and lay it flat. Don't force rolling your rug if you hear cracking sounds though, because you could damage it instead.

Placing heavy objects like books, blocks, or plants on the parts of your rug with bumps can also help straighten out and relax its fibers. You can also place the rug in the sun to allow the heat to soften the yarns. This'll make your rug more pliable and easy to stretch. Just be careful not to leave your rug out in the sun for too long so it won't fade.

You can also stretch, steam, or iron out your rug to eliminate the bumps. Using double-sided carpet tape and rug pads will also help prevent your rugs from getting bumps and wrinkles.

Any tips on how to clean an indoor or outdoor rug?

If you want to shake the deep-seated dirt out of your rugs, do it outdoors. You can vigorously shake or hang your rugs and beat the dirt out with a stick. Once you're done shaking out the dirt, you can start vacuuming both sides of the carpet. After that, apply a mild cleaner on the rug and spread the solution using a sturdy brush.

Rinse the carpet and wring it out well. Once the rug is completely dry, perform another round of vacuuming and brushing. This way, you can remove any loose threads and return the fibers to their original shape.

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