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Rugs are a great way to add depth, dimension, and sophistication to a room. Of course, its overall effect will depend on several factors like the room’s size, existing décor, the length of the rug, and furniture. All of the design elements should be in harmony.

For instance, if you’re looking to use a small round area rug, you’re better off placing it in a close and intimate space like the bedroom to add a sense of intimacy to the area. Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of placing the rug in a large space like the dining room, go for something big and noticeable like a blue 8x10 area rug. Not only will this add a layer of dimension to the area, but it will also create new sections in the room.

Whatever look you’re going for, always consider your end goal. Do you want to bring out the room’s design or highlight a specific piece of furniture? Are you trying to make the space warm and cozy or create a more vibrant look through bright colors and patterns?

Consider all these factors before making a final decision and purchasing a North Oaks, Minnesota rug for your space. Shop at Cyrus Artisan Rugs for top-quality pieces that can help accommodate your unique preferences. All of our pieces are inspired by different cultures and traditions, making them authentic and one-of-a-kind. What’s more, some of our pieces are made by internationally recognized designers. We also carry rugs from our private label.

Whether you’re an avid collector or someone who just wants to breathe new life into their space, you’ll surely find the right rug for you here. We cater to rug enthusiasts and collectors from North Oaks, Minnesota.

North Oaks is a suburban city northeast of St. Paul, where you’ll find Fortune 500 companies like Patterson Cos. Inc., Ecolab, and Securian Financial Group. Some of Minnesota’s prestigious universities are also in St. Paul, including Bethel University and the University of St. Thomas.

North Oaks houses the North Oaks Golf Club, a championship golf course designed by Stanley Thompson. Moreover, the city is home to ice hockey players Sydney Brodt and Mike Hoeffel, and U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Paul Moga.

Create a livelier and more stylish space with our finely crafted area rugs. Choose the right rug from the Cyrus Rugs inventory and have it shipped to your North Oaks home today.

Our Rug Types and Styles

As mentioned earlier, we have varying rug types and styles to cover our customers’ broad tastes. We have tribal, traditional, contemporary, and transitional rugs.

Tribal rugs were originally made by nomadic tribes from regions like Iran, Morocco, and Afghanistan. Through the years, however, they’ve made their way into Western culture and households.

One of the most favored choices by designers is to subtly incorporate tribal rugs into a modernist home. For instance, a diamond-shaped bedroom area rug with a color palette of beige or Navajo white can seamlessly add a layer of sophistication to your space.

The neutral color helps ensure that the tribal rug doesn’t overpower other visual elements in the room. The result is a mix of modern and nomadic styles where both worlds complement each other.

Traditional rugs are similar to tribal rugs because they represent a certain culture and origin. This type of rug usually includes Persian and Oriental elements that give it a royal and luxurious look.

They are usually great when paired with warm wood and bronze décor. They’re also perfect for rooms with furniture pieces that feature curved designs and soft edges.

To achieve a more seamless blend of design elements, incorporate tasseled draperies on the walls and windows to tie the room together. It’ll be even better if the room features chandeliers and paintings, adding another layer of sophistication to your space.

Meanwhile, contemporary rugs are the complete opposite of tribal and traditional rugs because they have a more modern look. In fact, these pieces have a distinct look that sets them apart. Contemporary rugs often feature a single huge design element like a vase or flower. To make the huge design truly stand out, you wouldn’t want them to end up hidden under your bed or low furniture. Instead, try to place these rugs in the middle of a room. If you’re placing them under a piece of furniture, make sure the legs are exposed.

Doing so will allow the rug to truly stand out because of its unique design, while also complementing the room’s other elements to make the furniture stand out.

Between the four types, transitional rugs are the most difficult to define. But these rugs incorporate elements from traditional and contemporary styles. For instance, they may have a vintage color pattern but a more modern design.

This combination often results in an informal style, which is great for daring, whimsical rooms with somewhat wild design elements. They’re also great for minimalist room designs with accented walls. On a similar vein, they’re perfect for spaces with a muted atmosphere and minimal visual noise. For example, try placing a contemporary black and white area rug in a nursery or library to take advantage of its flexibility.

Rug Brands and Designers

Our North Oaks, Minnesota rug collection features styles made by well-known names in the industry. Jenny Jones and Thomas O’Brien are just some of the many designers whose rugs are included in our inventory.

Thomas O’Brien is well known for his twist and versatility. His rugs look like traditional pieces in a modern space. He describes his style as “warm modernism” which places emphasis on shapes and lines.

Another internationally acclaimed rug designer featured in our collection is Erbil Tezcan. He draws some of his inspiration from art and nature. One of his masterpieces is called Summit, which was inspired by a photograph taken by US photographer Art Wolfe.

Tezcan turned the photo’s concept – upside-down boats that were frozen in ice – into a captivating abstract of a mountainous landscape. He describes it as his special “gift” which lets him view something in plain sight and turn it into a one-of-a-kind rug design.

Meanwhile, Barbara Barry is recognized for her monochromatic rugs. And similar to Tezcan, she’s also a great admirer of nature where she takes inspiration from when making the different designs and patterns for her rugs. From trees and flowers to the captivating beauty of celestial bodies, Barry’s limit is just her imagination.

James Tufenkian is another big name in the rug and interior design industry. His rugs have a distinct personality and character making them perfect for modern spaces.

He admits that he doesn’t have a rug design background but his desire for adventure and design led him to the industry. Today, his pieces are one of the most coveted rugs because of their grace and elegance.

enny Jones is an international and award-winning rug designer who tells a story using her rugs. Her main goal is to elicit an emotional response with her pieces. She treats the rug as her canvas while she acts as the painter. Jones particularly loves pushing the boundaries of rug designs, telling her unique travel stories. This is how she keeps up with the ever-changing demands of the rug industry.

Other designers featured in our artisan carpet collection include pieces from:

  • Clodagh

  • Kavi

  • Kevin Walz

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Mark Pollack

If you’re looking for a North Oaks, Minnesota rug we offer countless pieces from these incredible designers. Other brands we offer include Lapchi, Ralph Lauren, Nourison, and our very own Cyrus Artisan rugs.

Each brand has a distinct style that’ll add more dimension and sophistication to your space. Lapchi, for instance, offers top-quality rugs made from Nepal and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Nourison has an extensive collection that includes round area rugs and black and white area rugs. The brand also incorporates American heritage into its pieces but also takes inspiration from other parts of the globe.

Here are other brands included in our expansive catalog:

  • Jaipur Living

  • Safavieh

  • Tamarian

  • Tufenkian

  • Tibet Rug Company

  • Kalaty

  • Samad

  • Wool & Silk Rugs

  • Loloi Rugs

Manufacturing and Weaving Methods

Our North Oaks, Minnesota rug branch includes both handwoven pieces and machine-made items. Here are the most common weaves in our rugs:

  • Hand-knotted

  • Flat-woven

  • Hand-loomed

  • Hand-tufted

  • Power-loomed

  • Machine-loomed

Of these options, hand-knotted rugs are the most expensive because of the complex process it takes to create them. They are made by merging thousands of knots tied to a single foundation.

Flat-woven rugs, on the other hand, do not have knots or pile. Unlike hand-knotted pieces, the front and back of these rugs are similar so you can use both sides.

Lastly, power-loomed or machine-loomed rugs are our most affordable pieces since they are mass-produced. They are created using natural materials or synthetic fibers.

Colors & Decorating Tips

When choosing the right North Oaks, Minnesota rug, you should consider several factors. For instance, if you’re planning to add a square area rug to your room, try to place it under a small coffee table so that it’s still noticeable. This way, you can create a cohesive space and a strong impression that unites both the table and the rug underneath it.

Size is another factor to pay attention to. A blue area rug 8x10 is better in the living or dining room because it’s much bigger. Moreover, it will create spatial sections in the room, making your room appear proportional.

As for choosing the right color of rug, it will be up to the look that you’re going for. Bedroom area rugs with beige or cream hues, for example, can soften your space if the room looks too vibrant.

Meanwhile, if your walls, floor, and ceiling are already muted or neutral, add a rug with bold hues or patterns to energize the space. Always consider color psychology when designing for optimum results.


Where can I buy area rugs?

Cyrus Rugs serves rug collectors and enthusiasts in North Oak, Minnesota. If you like, you can visit our showroom in Bloomington where you can personally view our wide collection of handmade and machine-made pieces. We’ll provide you with sample swatches to help you determine the right fit for your space.

Do you have a trial period?

Yes, we offer a “Try Before You Buy” program. That means you’re allowed to take home our pieces before making your final purchase.

Place them in a particular room to see if your chosen design complements the entire space. If your chosen piece isn’t to your liking, you can return it to our store and we’ll provide you with other sample swatches.

How do I position bedroom area rugs?

Always measure the dimension of the furniture relative to the size of the rug. As a rule of thumb, the entire piece should be bigger than your furniture to make your space look cohesive.

If the rug is big enough to cover the entire space beneath your bed, then that’s great. If it falls short and can’t accommodate the length of the bed, place it partially underneath the bed so that it remains visible.

The same rules applies when designing with round area rugs. Place the rug on the side of the bed so that it’s still noticeable despite its unique shape.

How often do I need to clean my rugs?

Always vacuum your rugs twice a week. But if it’s located in high-traffic areas, consider cleaning them three times a week. If you have pets, clean your rugs daily because the pet hair and dander could easily accumulate between the fibers of your rug.

What do I do if I spill something on my rug?

Immediately dry the area with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. Dab the stain instead of rubbing it so it doesn’t spread.

How do I get wrinkles out of my rug?

Place a damp towel on the wrinkled area and dial your iron to steam. Then, push down the iron against the damp towel quickly to avoid burning the towel or carpet material underneath.

For rugs with a longer pile, mist the area first to soften the wrinkles. Afterward, use a blow dryer with a low heat setting to get rid of the uneven folds.

How do I safely store my rugs?

Always clean your rugs before storing them. Then, tightly roll it before wrapping it in fabric to protect the rug from moths and other insects.

Store the rug in an elevated area and make sure nothing heavy is placed on top of it. Unroll the rug once a month and vacuum it to remove accumulated dust. This will also allow you to check for any signs of damage that may have been caused by insects or dirt.

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