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Our area rugs are every serious homeowner and interior designer's dream. Founded in 1885, the company worked its way up the world stage from a small family business in Iran. Amid success and continuously growing fame, Cyrus Artisan Rugs remains committed to providing impeccable products and excellent customer service.

One of the Farahan family's goals when they established their company was to share the history, culture, and art of artisan rugs. After showcasing their products in London and New York, they brought their business to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they quickly made a name for themselves. In 1988, they opened a rug showroom in Bloomington, which served the Twin Cities area. This move helped establish the company as a leader in the industry, which is now worth billions of dollars in the United States.

But more than just an outlet for Persian rugs, area rugs, and the like, Cyrus Artisan Area Rugs is a trusted brand that immerses you in luxury. The humble store has since developed into the largest showroom for custom rugs in the Midwest. Occupying 15,000 square feet of space, it houses over 5,000 bespoke rugs for sale. The vastness of its collection and the promise of quality rug services in Saint Paul are enough to pull patrons in.

Get the best offers on area rugs in the Twin Cities. St. Paul, MN, includes landmarks such as the Minnesota History Center, Beaux-Arts Cathedral of Saint Paul, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Cass Gilbert at 130 West. It is also home to educational institutions such as Concordia University, St. Paul, Macalester College, and The University of St. Thomas. All of these locations and landmarks result in a broad range of clientele.

Aside from residential customers, we also service companies headquartered in the Twin Cities and nearby areas, such as Hormel Foods, Land O'Lakes, Ecolab, General Mills, U.S. Bancorp, 3M, BestBuy, Target, UnitedHealth Group, and Securian Financial Group.

Luxury Rug Styles & Types

Looking for luxury area rugs in St. Paul, MN? The Cyrus Artisan Rugs showroom in nearby Bloomington offers a wide variety of area rug styles and types to homeowners and interior designers. Our artisan rugs & carpets come in contemporary, traditional, transitional, and tribal styles.

Contemporary bespoke rugs take inspiration from past and present design traditions. They overhaul established color palettes and motifs and experiment with scale. Moreover, the most innovative contemporary rugs introduce entirely new designs. For modern rugs, Cyrus Artisan Rugs has the best area rugs in St. Paul, Minnesota.

But if you're looking for more conventional rugs that reflect the time-honored traditions of what used to be called “Oriental” cultures, then a traditional rug might be perfect for you. Traditional carpets mostly feature vines, flowers, scrollwork, and other Persian motifs in their designs. These patterns fill the inner borders of the custom rugs. If you are looking for something in between that can be a statement piece that artfully blends modern and traditional designs and color palettes, then consider buying a transitional rug for your Saint Paul, MN, abode.

We also carry tribal area rugs in our showroom. Tribal bespoke rugs feature bold, geometric motifs and stunning natural materials and dyes. Tribal rug designs reflect the traditions of Turkey and Central Asia's nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes.

In addition to these eye-catching rug styles, Cyrus Artisan Rugs carries an array of runners and oversized rugs & carpets for our Twin Cities clients. Our runners can be placed in your hallway, foyer, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. They soften and warm bridges between certain areas in your home. And if you need bigger rugs in your home, our oversized rugs are excellent options.

Antique, Moroccan, and vintage bespoke rugs are additional staples in our Minnesota showroom. Customers looking for heirloom pieces will love these elegant carpets. Antique area rugs and distressed vintage pieces let you add historic charm to your space. Meanwhile, our Moroccan rugs can add character to your loft, study, or living room area. These trendy yet classic pieces go well with various interior styles and furnishings, making them extremely versatile.

St. Paul MN Rug Brands & Designers

Do you need more rug choices? Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers an array of exquisite designer rugs from some of the most highly regarded professionals in the industry, including James Tufenkian, Barbara Barry, Kavi, and Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren's designer line is one collection you wouldn't want to miss, with its exotic patterns and graphic motifs. We also have Tufenkian custom rugs, which are renowned for their fine craftsmanship and unparalleled artistry. Fashioned out of wool from Tibetan highland and Armenian Balbas sheep, these oriental rugs can last a lifetime and, with proper care, could be handed down to the next generation.

Alongside our very own Cyrus Artisan Rug collections, we're offering bespoke rugs from renowned brands, such as Lapchi, Jaipur Living, Tamarian, and Safavieh. Big names have partnered with us to give you top oriental rugs in St. Paul, MN.

Each rug brand has unique styles that appeal to different kinds of customers. If you're after functional yet artistic pieces, you'll love Jaipur Living rugs. We also have Lapchi's beautiful rugs for a warmer and more soulful home. And if you're looking for a classic Persian carpet, our showroom has Safavieh area rugs. You can even get a Nourison carpet for a bohemian-inspired look or a Tamarian piece to showcase Tibetan craftsmanship in your home.

Luxury Rug Manufacturing/Weaving Methods

Skilled artisans mostly handcraft the pieces in our rug collection, producing these masterpieces using different methods. The hand-knotted construction is one technique that weavers use in making bespoke rugs. Hand-knotted rugs feature thorough details and traditional knotting methods, making them highly prized by collectors. Fine texture, clear designs, and vibrant shades are all associated with these handmade pile rugs.

You'll also find flat-woven rugs for your St. Paul, MN home or commercial space.  These custom rugs don't have pile in their construction, but they're as sturdy as other carpets. It takes minimal effort to maintain a flat weave rug. And if you're constantly changing your home décor, this rug is reversible and easily movable. Flat weave rug artisans also produce pieces with the Soumak weave, a stronger and thicker weave than kilim.

Hand-loomed rugs can be excellent additions to your space. As with hand-knotted pieces, hand-loomed rugmakers employ a highly meticulous weaving process. Our hand-loomed collection includes durable pieces with simple and bold motifs to give your room or living space that distinctive look.

We even have hand-tufted rugs for homeowners on a budget. These carpets boast thicker surfaces and soft, comfy piles. Machine-made pieces are also available, and you can choose between power or machine-loomed rugs. With this modern technique, manufacturers create new renditions of traditional carpets.

Designer Area Rug Colors & Decorating Tips

Homeowners consider the ambiance they're trying to create when choosing furnishings and carpets for specific rooms and living spaces. Aside from setting the tone and mood, it's interesting to note that in the history of traditional rug making, the various shades found in Persian and Oriental rugs also carried symbolic meaning.

While green isn't typically the primary background color in traditional custom rugs, the shade becomes a highly important feature in a carpet's design when it appears. You'll often see green within the leaves and scrolls within the field of a traditional rug. Many consider the color to signify hope, life, spring, and renewal.

But if you're going for a more vibrant look, red area rugs are ideal options. Weavers often use reds as the main background color or choose to accentuate certain motifs in carpets with lots of reds. Blue is another dominant rug color, with the shade implying strength or force. It gives people some inner peace and signifies power, honesty,  and solitude.

Gold and yellow are two more shades you might see in our artisan carpets. When weavers combine gold and brown colors in rug designs, these signify wealth, power, and prestige. Gold's esteemed reputation has made it an important color in Persian rugs meant for royalty or affluent families. These particular carpets were also known to have interwoven gold thread. In tribal bespoke rugs, yellow signifies radiance and represents the joy of life and living.

Customers looking for deeper or darker-colored carpets can also buy brown, beige, and black pieces from us. Brown represents the Earth and signifies fertility, while beige results in numerous designs when craftsmen mix it with white. As for black, weavers rarely created full designs or fields with the shade, but often used black to create rug outlines and borders.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs' inventory represents the entire spectrum of color, from ivory to earthy rust to fuschia and pink and everything in between.

Colorful hues aren't the only colors appearing in our curated pieces. Many of our custom rugs also come in neutral shades. Deciding between color on the floor versus choosing neutral?  Here's a tip: If you want the eye to be drawn to architectural elements or art, then choose a rug that will be a supporting character.  If you have neutral furnishings and need a visual “pop” in the room, a colorful rug will draw the eye down and ground the space. Even if you aspire to have the clean-lined Scandinavian and minimalist look, neutral bespoke rugs give your living space that much-needed warmth and depth.

When you place a Cyrus Artisan Rugs rug in your room, it can visually tie everything together for a truly complete living space. Your dream carpet can also anchor and define areas, especially if you're placing them in a studio apartment or a larger room. You can even use our carpet styles to create harmony in your space.

You could also use a favorite rug as the foundation of your room's color scheme. Our area custom rugs can be your room's focal point as well when your walls share one of your carpet's accent colors.

Apart from the aforementioned tips, you can keep the following information in mind as you're placing carpets in your space:

  • Choose a more subdued rug to complement upholstery or wallpaper with busy patterns. The opposite is true for subdued upholstery and wallpaper: a more elaborate motif or strong shades for relatively subtle walls and upholstery makes a more interesting room.
  • Make a smaller space appear larger with a light-colored area rug. Dark-colored carpets make objects in a room look more intimate.
  • Place an artisan carpet on your wall. This tip can create a focal point for your living space.
  • Hide your TV set behind a woven rug, or have a vintage carpet as your bed's headboard.
  • Area bespoke rugs can also give hard surfaces a warmer or softer look. Place one on a wooden or tiled floor to get that cozy feel.
  • Try a dreamy blue carpet in your living room for a coastal ambiance. Ocean blue and light neutral-colored pieces are perfect for this look.
  • Play around with rug shapes. Try figuring out the best one for your room, then get a square, round, or oval carpet. Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers several rug shapes that could go well with your décor.
  • Finding the perfect carpet doesn't end with picking the right style, type, construction, and color. The right size is just as important. Subtract three feet from your room's length and width when getting a room-sized carpet. For dining room custom rugs, leave at least 24” of the carpet from the table's edge out on all sides.
  • Same-sized carpets visually split a room. Give your space a sense of variety with different-sized carpets.
  • Prevent bespoke rugs from slipping or creeping with a rug pad.

Companies & Homes Served in St. Paul, MN

Going rug shopping for your home, office, or commercial space in Saint Paul, Minnesota? Cyrus Artisan Rugs gives you a wide selection of handmade designer rugs in various styles, colors, shapes, and more. We cater to homeowners and interior designers in St. Paul, MN. At this location, you'll find Fortune 500 companies such as Ecolab, Land O'Lakes, 3M, and Securian Financial Group. The area is also popular for landmarks such as the Minnesota History Center, Science Museum of Minnesota, Beaux Arts Cathedral of Saint Paul, and The Cass Gilbert. Notable educational institutions include Saint Paul College, the University of St. Thomas, and Concordia University, St. Paul.

We also offer our Twin Cities clients a custom rug program, rug rental services, and carpet cleaning. Make an appointment at our Bloomington showroom to appraise our carefully curated luxury rug collections first-hand, or shop online and have your chosen custom rugs delivered to your location in the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your available rug sizes?

Cyrus Artisan Rugs carries artisan designer rugs in the following sizes:

  • 3' x 5'
  • 4' x 6'
  • 5' x 8'
  • 6' x 9'
  • 8' x 10'
  • 9' x 12'

Our area rugs are also available in 10' x 14,' 12' x 15', and 12' x 18'.
If you prefer a custom-sized area rug, we offer a custom rug program. You can visit our Custom Rugs page for more details.

What materials do you use for your area rugs?

Our artisans mostly weave rugs out of wool, cotton, and silk. Wool is the most common material used because it features excellent strength and softness. Cotton, on the other hand, is an easy-to-clean material mostly used in flat-woven bespoke rugs. Meanwhile, silk feels exceptionally soft and luxurious. Our weavers produce our rugs with any of these materials or a combination of all three.

We also have designer floor rugs made of artificial textiles like polypropylene and viscose.

How do I clean my area rug?

Start by preparing your cleaning tools and supplies, then remove the dirt and debris with your vacuum. Mix your cleaner and ensure the rug's colors won't bleed when in use. Once your cleaner is safe, you can start washing your rug and applying the solution using a sponge or brush. Let it sit for five minutes.

Next, rinse your rug with clean water. Remove the excess water and leave your carpet to dry. You may vacuum or brush your rug once it's already dry.

How do I prevent my rug from sliding?

Use a rug pad so that your area rug stays in place. This pad can help reduce noise and absorb shock for less damage. Rug pads vary in thickness, strength, and size. You can find different pads designed for indoor and outdoor artisan designer rugs.

Other alternatives to a rug pad include carpet tape, silicone caulking, or hot glue.

Where can I buy an area rug?

A wide range of brands offer area rugs for sale, and you could check out their online stores or visit their showroom. Our area rug store in St. Paul, MN, offers an extensive inventory of handmade designer rugs online. We've sorted our rugs into the following categories to make your search easier:

  • Style
  • Type
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Brand
  • Designer
  • Construction
  • Origin

How do I buy a rug for my house or office?

Before purchasing an area rug, it's crucial to determine the correct size that will fit your space. Measuring the area where you intend to place the rug will help you choose the appropriate dimensions. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with rug weaving techniques and materials can aid in selecting the right carpet for your space. Different rugs can have varying materials and levels of softness, which can impact their durability and appearance. Considering the room's decor and intended use can also help determine the style and type of rug that would work best.

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