Decorating for Fall

Fall is loaded with some of the most festive and fun holidays of the year -- including the family favorites of Halloween and Thanksgiving. A little fall decoration here and there can help create an inviting atmosphere in an already beautiful home. Read below for some tips on how to make your interior welcoming and fit for a celebration this holiday season.


Colors and Scents

Enliven your home with an array of fall scents, such as cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Lighting scented candles or placing bowls of potpourri near the entrance to your home can create a calm mood and welcoming atmosphere. Baking cookies, pumpkin pies, or apple pies for your guests this fall will also give your home a rich and delicious scent. In terms of color, you can warm up your interior with paper napkins or bathroom towels in rich oranges, browns, yellows, and reds. Smell is the primary sense for triggering memory, so make this fall season one to remember for the future.

Furniture Arrangement

Easily create a friendly feel in your living space by rearranging your furniture. Maximize comfort in your living room or family room by arranging couches and armchairs around the fireplace for a cozy and comforting feel. Knitted blankets or afghans in warm fall colors can also compliment any couch. You can also add small and comfortable seasonal throw pillows to your larger couches or chairs for an artsy finish.  Placing a soft, traditional area rug in front of the couches or between them can also serve to relax your living room and family.

Purchase extra wooden chairs and add warm-colored cushions or slipcovers to existing dining room chairs in order to accommodate your guests on special occasions and create a relaxing atmosphere indoors.

At special dinners or other events, you can also accommodate younger guests and children by making a children’s area in your dining room. Buy a small table and plastic chairs for your nieces and nephews or for your own children to sit or eat comfortably without being too far from their parents.

Decorating Ideas for Fall

To celebrate the change of the seasons, try purchasing table napkins and bathroom towels adorned with fall patterns, such as leaves or pine cones. A tablecloth adorned with leaf patterns or warm colors is also a great addition to your dining room and is appropriate for any special occasion this fall. You can also purchase candle-holders embellished with leaf motifs for a nice detail or special, festive dishware just for the fall months.

An ornate wreath, large or small, depending on the size of your doorway, can brighten your home’s entryway. Purchasing a wreath or garland for your front door is a nice touch for the fall months. For an added country feel, try placing hay stacks or a scarecrow on your front porch, or in your front yard. Consider also purchasing a new welcome mat to place in front of your front door. Softening the entrance to your home with these light touches will elevate the mood inside and make your guests feel welcome.

For additional ornamentation, buy some small or medium-sized pumpkins or gourds from your local grocery store and place them in any empty corners or on your bathroom or kitchen countertops. Pumpkins and other fall fruits also make great tabletop decorations or centerpieces. For an elaborate table decoration, you might want to try purchasing an assortment of gourds, squashes, and pumpkins in different sizes and colors and placing them in a wood or ceramic fruit bowl on any rectangular dining room table. For a natural display, try placing an assortment of fall fruits in an artistic arrangement directly on the table.    

Fall Holiday Decoration Ideas

A few, light decorations here and there during the fall holidays will make your home an ideal spot for any gathering, special dinner, or event with guests.

Halloween Decor

Decorating your home for Halloween is easy and fun. For a friendly and fun touch toward the end of October, consider placing bowls of assorted candies and treats around the house, such as on your coffee tables or powder room counter. For a more elegant and uniform home embellishment, try leaving clear glass or plastic mason jars of candy corn in various places around the house. This will add a touch of bright color to your interior.

Try buying orange and black napkins for dinner on the fun night, and orange and black candles to decorate your entire home.

Large pumpkins, painted or carved with a unique design, can also give your home some friendly Halloween spirit. Finally, decorating your windows and front porch with paper Halloween decorations will draw attention from all the neighbors, and attract plenty of trick-or-treaters to your doorstep on the special night.

Thanksgiving Decor 

The right fall home decoration can make this November’s Thanksgiving Day especially memorable.

Try decking out your dining room table with ornaments such as small pumpkins or vases filled with wheat stalks or Native American corn stalks. Light long, warm-colored candles for a nice touch. Top if off with a beautiful centerpiece, such as a woven basket filled with pressed flowers, or a beautiful pile of ripe fall fruits, and the table will look amazing.

For a tasteful finishing touch, consider hanging laminated leaves from your chandeliers. Your beautiful decorations will nicely complement the smells of turkey and stuffing wafting through your home on the big day.

Additionally, If you have children, you can decorate your walls with their Thanksgiving-specific school art projects, such as paper turkeys or Native American headdresses.  

With a few small touches, Thanksgiving this year will be one to remember.