How to bring Autumn's Scent to your Home

The hot days spent at the pool are long gone and the cooler breezes of autumn have arrived. Citrus has been replaced with ripe, juicy apples. Colors in the trees change while families stir with excitement at the upcoming holidays of the season. Something about the sun setting earlier and the dusky filter of light on fall days makes us want to embrace the season wholeheartedly, cook soups, stews, and everything with pumpkin and squash. The time has come to toss some cinnamon into warm cups of apple cider, throw on a sweater, and get your home ready for fall entertaining by making it smell great. Besides, as the season changes, everyone loves a room that is warm and inviting. Here are some great ideas to bring the enticing smells of the season into your home in a celebration of autumn!

  1. all Scented Candles

    As expected, candles are a great way to bring the scent of autumn into your home. Nowadays you can find fall scented candles at pretty much every location imaginable. Scents like pumpkin, apple, leaves, and autumn spices with nutmeg or cinnamon are featured in candles from a huge variety of brands. Bath & Body Works and Anthropologie make many excellent choices to celebrate the season.

  2. DIY Candles Wrapped in Cinnamon

    For a budget friendly way to achieve autumn smells in the house is to wrap unscented candles with fresh cinnamon sticks. When the candles are burning, a subtle cinnamon aroma will float throughout the house. This is a great option for those who are sensitive to artificial fragrances and strong perfumes which are commonly found in scented candles. The wrapped candles are fun and easy to make, even your kids can help. Simply tie some twine around the cinnamon sticks to keep them pressed against the candle. Plus, they double as a great fall centerpiece!

  3. Bake Fall Inspired Breads and Foods

    Want the real thing rather than an imitation of fall scents? Infuse your entire house with the scent of actual apples and pumpkins by baking some delicious goods! The plus side of actually baking things with the season’s bountiful produce and warm spices is that not only will your house smell great, but you have something delicious to eat too! Bake up a cinnamon apple pie, or pumpkin bread is always a great way to add spice and warmth to the home.

  4. Palo Santo Incense Sticks

    Palo Santo incense sticks are great for bringing that great scent of bonfires and camping indoors. Incorporate this dusky smell of the outdoors into your home with incense for an affordable touch of nature and autumn.

DIY Potpourri

Making potpourri yourself ensures you create a custom scent for your home that you will love. If you are sensitive to fragrances, it also allows you to create a home fragrance without any artificial irritants that are present in candles. Often the potpourri sold in stores can contain artificial scents which are overpowering. It is fun and simple to make your own batch and customize your home scent. For autumn, different mixtures of dried fruit, berries, nuts and spices work fabulously. You can even use elements from your backyard or herb garden. Another appeal of autumn potpourri is the beautiful array and mixture of different seasonal colors and textures. It makes for a fantastic centerpiece on the table or mantle. Some good ideas for seasonal potpourri ingredients include dried orange or apple slices; whole nuts in their shells; cloves; cinnamon sticks; cranberries; juniper berries; bay leaves; pine cones (for seasonal fun); and an assortment of essential oils like pine, cedar, or clove.