Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Designer Rugs for Sale in Minneapolis

American Icon

For over four decades, Ralph Lauren has made an impact on American style and fashion around the globe. Polo and Ralph Lauren are now established as household names, synonymous with “classic American.” Lauren’s iconic designs across all of his brands are effortlessly cool and range from Wasp to Western in style. Ralph Lauren characteristically plays with textures and layering with impeccable attention to detail, and the Cyrus Rugs gallery would not be complete without Ralph Lauren designer rugs for sale in Minneapolis. His home furnishing line, Ralph Lauren Home, clearly portrays his personal design philosophy and vision of American style.

A Teenage Dream Becomes Four Decades of Style

Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Lifshitz in 1939 and grew up in the Bronx borough of New York City. Born to Russian-Jewish immigrant parents, his interest in fashion piqued as a teenager, and he worked in sales at Brooks Brothers and other popular retailers in his twenties before following his own design dreams. Young Ralph Lifshitz had a reputation for dressing well and in his own style. Even as a teenager, he followed no one’s style but his own, developing a strong sense of what he believed looked cool, and before pursuing his personal vision of what he believed would define timeless style for the American man, Ralph changed his name with his brother from “Lifshitz” to a more chic sounding “Lauren”.

Ralph Lauren set out to create clothing that would ultimately embody his romantic vision of European style, placed into a modern American setting. He was drawn to the debonair yet masculine look of men like Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. In 1967, Lauren’s early start as a designer of popular wide ties and polos transformed into his brand “Polo.” His initial design forays emulated the looks of old Hollywood leading men and pre-war English fashion. From a single polo men’s shirt design, Lauren proved his eye for style and design, solidifying his influential imprint in the world of men’s fashion.