Ralph Lauren Home

Ralph Lauren Home Area Rugs for Sale in Minneapolis

Home Decor & Rugs That Evoke an Air of Grander Times

Since 1983, Ralph Lauren has taken a high-end approach to American casual comfort with his Home collection. With southwestern and tribal styles, bohemian nods to 18th century Persian carpets, and traditional Fair Isle prints from Scotland, his collections of rugs embody his philosophy and add sophistication and charm to the home. Ralph Lauren’s clothing line and his home furnishing collections have always been inspired by his penchant for rusticity, history, and the romantic feel of eras past. With multiple new collections emerging each year from his line of home decor, Ralph Lauren often draws a connection between the look of his clothing line and his home decor. Just as he chose one of the first fragrance line slogans to be “It gets better with age,” so do these Ralph Lauren Home rugs for sale in Minneapolis.

Ralph Lauren Home: American Chic

Cyrus Artisan Rugs’ gallery of Ralph Lauren area rugs for sale in Minneapolis pays homage to Lauren’s ability to successfully speak to the past, while simultaneously being able to live in our modern world with grace and effortless style.

Ralph Lauren Home strives to design home decor that will recall a sense of classic style and way of life. This union of artistic tradition, historical respect, and embodiment of the American dream and style is why Cyrus Rugs chooses to have Ralph Lauren rugs for sale in Minneapolis. Our selection of handmade, premium designer rugs features anything from nomadic patterns, Scottish Highland motifs, French-country house style, to classic, historical estates like that of the late Duke of Windsor’s elegant estate and truly deserves a place among our other international handcrafted masterpieces.