Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Designer Rugs for Sale in Minneapolis

A History of Home Design

Martha Stewart has always been interested in aesthetics and home design. She graduated from Barnard in the 1960’s with a double major in Architectural Design and History, with an emphasis on European history. Even as a child, her Polish mother taught Stewart how to cook and sew, and her father passed along his love of gardening and landscaping. After getting married, Martha Stewart’s talents for home restoration, entertaining, and cooking soared. Nowadays, her website reaches a massive audience with her unique recipes, home design tips, entertaining ideas, and home restoration. Martha Stewart is a home design powerhouse in her own right.

Her Flair For Design Translated into Rug Design

In recent years, Martha Stewart has contributed her unique eye for design to many other manufacturers and home furnishing brands to create chic home decor lines. Now partnered with internationally recognized luxury rugs and home furnishing powerhouse, Safavieh, Cyrus Rugs is proud to feature a broad selection of Martha Stewart rugs for sale in Minneapolis. Martha has said herself that she has been a longtime collector of unique area rugs, and is attracted to the character and warmth an artisan rug can bring to any interior space. Her own variety of designs in her collection with Safavieh ranges from traditional motifs, stylish contemporary statements, and transitional styles.