Top Tips for Decorating with Area Rugs

Need to add some excitement to your living room? Spice things up by adding an area rug. With the huge number of styles and color palettes available in the rug market, the decorating possibilities are endless. There is no strict rule on what your rug should look like as it should be a reflection of your own style. Rugs work to add warmth and visually pull together the whole composition of a room. Whether you opt for a traditional rug to add comfort or a bold pattern to make a stylish statement, adding an area rug can make all the difference in the room design. Adding a rug is like adding another layer to your room’s decor. Here are some helpful tips on how to best use an area rug for your decorating purposes.



Since area rugs in the living or dining room will have heavy pieces of furniture on it, it is important to consider the material when selecting a rug. Your lifestyle also comes into play. If you have children or pets, it is best to opt for a wool rug or man-made fiber rug that is easy to clean. Natural materials like silk or cotton are not the best if you have heavy traffic and messy pets because they do not stand up well to the wear and tear. Wool is a great choice, but is usually higher in price due to its superior quality.


Play with textures and shapes of your furniture with your rug selection. Usually dining tables are placed over a large rectangle rug, but a circular rug can enhance the shape of a circular coffee table for a change of style. When using more than one rug in a room, it is usually best to have rugs that complement one another’s style. To many different patterns can create a jarring effect and disrupt the harmony of the room.

Accent Your Room

An area rug can work to either turn up the volume of a room’s design, or it can work more subtly with the furniture and decor. If you walls are bright colors or featured an ornate wallpaper, it is better to have a subdued rug. On the other hand, if your walls and furniture are simple and in mellow colors, a patterned or bold rug can add interest to the room. If you do not already have the furnishings for the room, the rug can be used as a decor focal point. You can also paint the walls in hues which accent a certain color in the rug.

Change out rugs and accent pillows for different seasons in order to enjoy a new look or color scheme.

Consider The Longevity of Your Rug

The value of your new rug is not determined not by how much it costs. If you want a high-quality rug that will last your lifetime and even become an heirloom, then the price tag will be heftier than a machine-made rug. A good quality hand-knotted rug, can become a collector's item when properly cared for. Hand-tufted rugs are slightly cheaper because they require less labor and time to be made. It is really up to you and your family when deciding which type of rug to buy and the price range to consider.