Kevin Walz

Kevin Walz Designer Rugs for Sale in Minneapolis

Keven Walz Designs: Inventive, Compelling, and Poetic

Kevin Walz is an American designer currently residing in Rome after winning the prestigious Prix de Rome fellowship from the American Academy. Over the years, Walz established himself as an undeniable talent with a creative spark and imagination in the world of art and interior design. In 1994, he was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame, and just three years later, he was named in the Metropolitan Home Design 100 Hall of Fame. Walz studied fine arts at Pratt Institute and New York Studio School, but never studied design. However, his training in the fine arts equipped him with the tools to tap into the imagination and take extra consideration for texture, light, colors, and tones; elements that resonate in his artisan rug designs.

Walz and the world of Tufenkian Handmade Rugs

A truly great designer in every sense of the word, Walz’s rugs continue to make an impression in the world of handmade and designer rugs. His unique ability to seamlessly combine his background in fine art with his passion for interior design has led to impressive relationships with numerous respected design houses and companies, including Arc International, Design Tex, and Tufenkian Carpets. The world-renowned designer rug powerhouse, Tufenkian, has one passion and lifelong mission: to create beautiful, handmade items that enhance and touch your life by way of your home. Tufenkian’s dream to enrich the lives of others through the spread of beauty in their homes is shared by the very designers who create them.

Kevin Walz has expressed his appreciation for handcrafted, artisan rugs, and explained that, “My designs are brought to life by the touch of the master craftsmen and by handmade processes that are rare in our evolving world”. Playing with a variety of textures in his hand woven rugs, he has created beautiful designer rugs from silk and wool, to cashmere and linen. In regards to his impressive body of work, Walz has said,

Much of my work is forward thinking; other times, it is responsive to the past. I like the process of working within the vocabularies of time periods, within the sensibility of cultures, with ideas from other visual disciplines. Innovation is not defined by clever form. That is called showmanship. Invention can be presented in ways that are understandable yet fresh to the eye.