James Tufenkian

James Tufenkian Designer Rugs for Sale in Minneapolis

The Legacy of Tufenkian Rugs

Tufenkian is a name that emanates prestige and expertise in the world of luxury designer rugs. Founded in 1986, James Tufenkian’s artisan and traditional rugs blend the luxury aesthetics of high fashion with top quality traditional design in a revolutionary way.. After passing the New York Bar exam, Tufenkian began his life as an entrepreneur of handmade rugs and was the first brand to become internationally recognized within a high-end market in the world of artisan carpets. Ancestry and tradition play a huge role in James Tufenkian’s company, as he always looks to his roots for inspiration Following the fall of the Soviet Union, Tufenkian returned to Armenia - the country of his ancestors - with the determination to help rebuild and establish an independent and strong Armenian nation.

Through his efforts, the handmade rugs business Tufenkian established in 1993 in Armenia immediately employed 1000 workers from the community. As he built his handmade artisan carpet-manufacturing infrastructure, he inspired other local Armenian businesses to grow and provided employment for Armenians in rough times. James Tufenkian’s eye for luxury and interior design led Tufenkian to become an internationally acclaimed designer, and we are proud to have a stunning collection of James Tufenkian rugs for sale in Minneapolis.

Socially Conscious

From the start, James Tufenkian used his success to help others. He started a string of boutique businesses in his native Armenia after the collapse of the Soviet Union to provide infrastructure and economic opportunities for the struggling people of his country. In 1996, he started the Tufenkian Foundation, which involves itself with numerous humanitarian projects in the regions of Armenia and the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

Tufenkian Carpets are expertly handmade in Armenia and Nepal. They are acknowledged worldwide for their unsurpassed quality and handmade character. James Tufenkian is also recognized for its benchmark humanitarian practices with regard to their suppliers and employees. Tufenkian and his company are dedicated to the idea of sustainability in our modernized world, and only craft rugs from all-natural and renewable materials.