Mark Pollack

Mark Pollack Designer Rugs for Sale in Minneapolis

Polished Pollack: An American Textile Master

Since founding his visionary textile company in 1988 with Rick and Susan Sullivan, Mark Pollack has made a massive imprint on the world of fabric and interior design. Mark Pollack's polished eye for patterns and sophisticated taste in textile design helped him establish a reputation for signature woven fabrics with elegant aesthetics. Intricate textile structures, complex shading and tones, and a variety of color palettes in his fabrics have marked Pollack’s pieces as timeless throughout the design industry.

The Modern Elegance and Clean Lines of Pollack’s Collection with Tufenkian Rugs

Mark Pollack’s design collection with Tufenkian artisan carpets has brought his incessantly innovative approach to design and graphic style to create a fresh, new medium for his talents. His expertise and extensive background knowledge in textile and fabric design was a great asset to his collaboration with Tufenkian rugs. Characterized by modern aesthetics, simple yet elegant patterns, and complimentary color schemes, our Mark Pollack rugs for sale in Minneapolis offer artisan Tufenkian rugs that are perfect fits for any lover of modern design and cosmopolitan homes. Tufenkian’s collection of Pollack’s designs represents the clean, unsentimental, and smooth sophistication that are definitive of Pollack’s style.

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