8x10 Area Rugs

For anchoring your furniture, 8x10 artisan rugs are the best pieces you can have. Take a look at our 8x10 selection for beautiful pieces by renowned carpet brands and designers.

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Adorn Your Living Space with 8x10 Area Rugs

If you want to create an inviting and visually appealing space, consider adding an 8x10 rug. This rug size can add dynamic colors and patterns to any room and help bring furniture pieces together, such as sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. With an 8x10 rug, you can create a cohesive and welcoming space that is both stylish and functional.

8x10 area rugs are medium-sized and versatile. You can place these pieces in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or entryway. Even if you live in an apartment or small space, an 8x10 rug is just the right size when placed in the living room.

Since 8x10 rugs are suitable for any type of space, you can easily swap them out with previous carpets showing signs of wear and tear. As long as you have the right rug size, you won’t have to drastically change the layout and design of your room. In fact, all you need to do is replace your old rug with an 8x10 area rug, and you’ll be rewarded with a fresh look to your interior.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers a vast collection of 8x10 rugs that boasts a range of styles, designs, and colors to suit any space. Whether you're seeking to create a cozy sanctuary in your bedroom or a lively entertaining area, our 8x10 area rugs will help transform the look and feel of your home. Browse our collection today and discover the perfect rug to complement your decor.

Exploring the Dimensions, Materials, and Styles of 8 x 10 Rugs

Our 8x10 area rugs are perfect for large spaces as they can instantly cover wide areas. In addition, they make great anchor pieces in any place in your home. For instance, the legs of your living room furniture can comfortably rest on their surfaces, making an excellent cushion for your feet as you get out of bed.

Our rug artisans weave 8x10 rugs using various high-quality materials, such as wool, silk, cotton, sisal, animal skin, and synthetic fibers. Most of these are soft, durable, and guaranteed to last long. They are also easy to clean as they are water and dust-resistant.

These masterpieces are made with remarkable craftsmanship and dedication. How a rug is made determines the patterns on its surface. For instance, handmade rugs usually feature traditional motifs and can be customized. Meanwhile, machine-made items often share the designs of mass-produced carpets.

Tips for Finding the Perfect 8 x 10 Rug for Your Home

Finding the perfect 8x10 area rug for your living spaces can be tricky as there are various factors to remember.

For instance, because of the rug’s large surface area, you must determine if it’s appropriate for your home. A well-placed rug can elevate the overall look and feel of a room. The rug should act as an anchor that ties everything together while also being positioned at an appropriate distance from the walls.

Another tip in finding the perfect 8x10 area rug is knowing where to place it, as it can help determine its material. Rugs placed in high-traffic areas must withstand daily wear and tear, while items placed in less frequented areas. Wool is prized for its durability and excellent insulating properties, while silk is adored for its softness and sumptuous feel.

Lastly, it's essential to consider your rug's colors and patterns.  You can either use the rug's pattern as a foundation for other elements in your living space, such as wall paint and furniture or opt for a bold or subtle design as a final touch, depending on your desired aesthetic.

Examples of 8x10 Area Rugs from Cyrus Rugs

Like the other rug sizes in our inventory, 8x10 area rugs come in various colors, ranging from vibrant hues to neutral tones. You can also select multi-colored 8x10 rugs for an additional splash of color and personality.

Most of our bestselling 8x10 area rugs come in diverse colors. For instance, our Aryana Heriz rug has warm, earthy tones with some navy to balance its surface. Meanwhile, our Luri Gabbeh rug has more dominant blue hues, giving a living space a sense of calmness.

Apart from color, these 8x10 area rugs use various patterns, such as medallions, abstract imagery, and geometric shapes. These pieces make excellent finishing touches in your home or office spaces because of the options available.

Caring For & Cleaning Your 8x10 Floor Rug

Want to keep your 8x10 rug durable and clean? Here are some helpful tips.

  • Vacuum your area rug regularly to remove deep-seated dirt and debris.
  • Clean spills immediately and use a white towel to absorb the excess liquid.
  • Rotate your area rug at least twice a year.
  • Store your rug in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing your rug to direct sunlight.
  • Use a rug pad to prevent slips and falls.

Decorate Your Living Room & Bedroom with 8x10 Rugs

Rugs anchor the room and pull all its elements together. Give your interior a consistent look with the correct rug size. In particular, an 8x10 rug works well whether you install it in a big or small space.

When it comes to living rooms, there are two ways to position your 8x10 rug: either under the sofa or in front of it. You can also place your furniture on top of it or position it as a standalone accent piece to make it stand out. If you want to showcase the rug's design, it's better to leave it bare without placing anything on top of it.

If you are considering adding the rug to your bedroom, an 8x10 piece works well with a queen-size bed. Make sure the rug is perpendicular to the bed to be visible. Installing your rug this way can help anchor the bed to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean an 8x10 area rug?

Vacuum your rug to remove dirt and clean both sides. For more thorough cleaning, use shampoo or detergent and keep your carpet soaked in the cleaning solution for several minutes. After that, rinse and dry your rug, then hang it to dry.

How often can I get my 8x10 floor rug cleaned by a professional?

You can take your rug to a professional area rug cleaner every one to three years. However, the condition of your carpet will determine how often you should take it to the cleaners. If your rug is soiled or stained, you should have it professionally cleaned more often.

How do I choose an 8x10 rug for my dining room?

We suggest placing a flat-woven in your dining room so you still have enough space for the chairs and other furniture. After all, you wouldn’t want your chairs to catch on the rug's material whenever you’re moving them. Ideally, you’ll want a wool rug for your dining room because it’s easier to clean.

Buy the Best 8x10 Area Rugs for Your Home

If you’re looking for the perfect 8x10 rug for your living room, bedroom, or office, choose Cyrus Artisan Rugs. Browse our selection of top-quality rugs, including handcrafted pieces from Afghanistan, Iran, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, and Turkey. We carry flat-woven, hand-knotted, and hand-tufted rugs.

Our rugs are available in different colors and patterns, such as gray, beige, and floral patterns. We also carry pieces from some of the most highly regarded brands in the industry, including Jaipur Living, Nourison, and Tufenkian, and by designers such as Kavi and James Tufenkian. Enhance your room’s look with an 8x10 floor rug from Cyrus Artisan Rugs. Browse our inventory to get the perfect rug for your space.

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