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How 2x3 Area Rugs Can Make Your Room Stylish

Rugs are among the most accessible pieces that can spruce up any living area. You don’t necessarily need to make any major changes or have anything installed in your home before getting a rug. They are versatile pieces that can save space and complement your existing decor.

2x3 area rugs can accentuate or highlight your current color scheme, building on your unique preferences and adding to your overall style. These small area rugs can serve as an accent to any entrance, a centerpiece in the middle of a vast hallway or room, and a companion to your chosen coffee table.

Patterns, Colors, and Designs Available for 2x3 Rugs

We offer an extensive selection of 2x3 area rugs in various textures, patterns, colors, and designs. If you wish to add a touch of oriental flair to your home, we suggest luxury Persian rugs made of high-quality silk, wool, or cashmere that capture the elegance and rich craftsmanship of Iranian culture. If you'd prefer contemporary aesthetics, hand-knotted modern rugs offer a medley of abstract shapes and patterns.

Choosing the Right 2x3 Rug for You

Other than its design, you may want to consider other key factors in selecting your next small indoor rug. Before anything else, you'll want to decide where you'll be displaying your rug, such as in a specific space like your bedroom, library, or kitchen, which will easily capture attention.

The material of your rug is also crucial, as this will depend on where it'll be displayed and what best fits your unique style. For instance, carpets in the kitchen should be made of more stain-resistant materials.

Another factor to consider would be foot traffic. If you expect plenty of foot traffic around your new rug, then low-pile rugs or loom-weaved carpets with flat loops are ideal since they're easier to vacuum and maintain. On the other hand, rugs with shag and open weaves are more suited to a cozier location where there would be less foot traffic.

Caring For and Cleaning Small Rugs

You'll need to clean and maintain your 2x3 area rugs properly, so they'll last a long time. Regularly vacuuming them can help eliminate unwanted dirt and debris, especially in busier areas of your home.

In the event of any unwanted spills, we recommend cleaning the rug immediately with a cloth and some water to remove undesirable bacteria. You can also regularly schedule your rugs for periodic deep cleaning to improve their lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

At Cyrus Artisan Rugs, we take pride in the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of our rugs, as well as our commitment to customer satisfaction. For items purchased from our online store, you have seven days once you receive the rug to return the unused merchandise for a full refund, less the shipping costs.

Don't hesitate to contact the Cyrus Artisan Rugs showroom for Return Authorization and schedule a UPS pick-up.

Where is your service center?

Our showroom is located in Bloomington, 13 miles from downtown Minneapolis. We are proud to have the largest designer rug showroom in the Midwest, with over 3,000 handmade rugs in stock.

We service areas like Rochester, Minnesota, and St. Paul, Minnesota.

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